Thursday, September 18, 2008

sorry, sorry!

Due to unforseen events, I was unable to blog Tuesday. And yesterday I had to go to the bookstore to REbuy my copy of Vegan with a Vengeance and then the health food store and THEN the grocery store, and THEN come home and make dinner. Sorry, my lovelies. But tonight I am home alone until 10 pm and if I can't write a blogpost in 5 hours, then there's something wrong with me. I do have lots of food to show you, not many of my own creation, but I have 3 new cookbooks that I'm working my way through. Oh, 4, since I got VWAV again. This girl 'borrowed' it from me, which apparently means 'stealing' in her world. Cool. She's not even vegan, which whatever, but she hasn't even MADE anything out of it. So..why does she still have my book? No clue. Anyway, she's had it so long that it's like having a new book, and I didn't make much out of it before, so I'm excited now. Yay! Ok, but seriously, I will blog tonight. I'd do it now, but I'm stuck at work. They should let me bring my laptop here... If they did, I'd blog every single day, for sure. Oh well.

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jessy said...

that sucks that you had your VWAV borrowed, forever. who steals a cookbook, really?! i'm glad you got another copy though! VWAV = glorious! :)

no worries on the posts - i'm excited to see all the tasty foods when you get to post them! wahooooooo!