Wednesday, September 24, 2008

another post with no pictures

I have no pictures today because yesterday we ate out. We got veggie burgers and fries. Oh, and our burgers, we realized too late, had cheese in them. WHY WHY WHY would this not be on the menu description? I know, I know I should have asked. But I didn't. I'd had a few beers and didn't think about it. Now I know better. This among other terrible meals out recently are why I am officially OFF eating out in this town. Execptions will apply for pizza and beer nights, but that's pretty simple to make vegan. Nothing else out there is vegan for me. It's all tainted and terrible. I almost barfed. But didn't.

Anyway, tonight I'm making a seitan/veggie pot pie. I saw one on a blog recently and can't for the life of me remember which one, so I'm winging it with the recipe. Seitan's in the steamer... and silly me, I must make my own pie crusts which is a giant pain in the ass, but better than frozen, I guess. I'm a glutton for punishment. I mean, I can make a decent pie crust, especially armed with my grandma's recipe. I just don't really feel like it today. I'm sure it'll be worth it though. Homemade is almost always the way to go.

In other news, I bought a giant can of pumpkin today. Oh yes. You just get ready, people. I'm going on a pumpkin binge that won't be over until January, I expect. I've never cooked with pumpkin before, but I've never been vegan in the fall before, and I am going all out. So stay tuned.

And tomorrow I will have a recipe for seitan and veggie pot pie and I have a hunch that it will be good. I hope. I've seen pot pies all over blogs recently, and even though I've never made a pot pie (or had a homemade one, as far as I can remember), I am up to the task. Ahhh..enough procrastinating. Time to make some crust.


Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

I hate when restaurants do that!!

Sometimes asking does not even help. We recently ordered spring rolls from a Chinese take-out place. I specifically asked if there was meat in them and they said no. I took a bite and bit into shrimp. Apparently, I was not specific enough... I should have said meat or fish or shellfish or poultry or...whatever the hell else is left.

sarchan said...

Have fun making lots of lovely pumpkin-y things.

And I can empathize about eating out. Now I live in the land of vegan options--NYC--but I spent the last year living back with my parents in central-western PA and the only place I really felt safe eating out was the Panera located 30 minutes away. I imagine, having family that lives there, that WV is even worse.

VeganCowGirl said...

Sorry to hear about the near barfing experience. Bastards. I too have had restaurant moments where, a totally laid back me turns into a puddle of tears and screams when I realize there is bloody chicken in my VEG stir FRY! Bastards.

Jealous of your canned of the sadest things about my current job in Brussels is that I can NOT find canned pumpkin anywhere....enjoy!!!

jessy said...

ooooooooo! i can't wait to see the seitan pot pies! mmmmmmm! were you talk'n about the ones mel made? i saw those and spent a good amount of time drooling over them! i bet i'll be drooling over the ones you're making, too! mmmmmmmmmm!

that sucks crap that there was cheese in your burgers. what the shit is that?! a**holes! damn, i hate when that happens! about 2 months ago dan & i went out with my folks to a local place, i asked about the veggie burger and it had mayo, the pita was cool - and i thought okay - we'll do the hummus with pita and a side of fries - yeah - the fries had f*cking beef fat on them. what i loved was that they weren't even suitable for vegetarians - what the hell?! i dunno - maybe i should have known with french fries, but still - i thought they were okay since they were being offered with the vegetarian meal options. dan & i were pissed. but hey, it happens, and yeah it sucks, but you didn't eat it on purpose and it's not your fault. jerks!

happy thoughts - that's what i'm sending your way! :D

i look forward to the pumpkin binge. sweet awesomeness!

allularpunk said...

lisa - that totally blows. i hate when people think fish isn't meat. um, duh!

sarchan - wv is terrible for food in general. i've been to nyc twice and had the most amazing food of my life. have you eaten at blossom? michael and i dropped over $100 on one meal, but it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT.

cowgirl - no canned pumpkin? can you buy pumpkins and cook your own? that's kind of sad. and yeah, i'm the same in restaurants...totally fine and then WHAM! a complete mess. i'm pretty sure it drives michael crazy... he's much more laid back about it than i am.

jessy - it wasn't those... it was some huge rectangular seitan pot pie with leaves on the top as decoration. mine's not pretty, but i'll post about it once i get home from work. i shall say no more until then!