Monday, September 29, 2008

saturday pasta, sunday beer and football chili

Saturday night I made the Lemon Cashew Basil Pesto (from ED&BV) on whole wheat pasta. I added a handful of nutritional yeast to the pesto and a handful of cherry tomatoes when I mixed it all together. Add some garlicy toast, and you are good to go!
oooh green gooodness

The pesto was more mellow and smooth than a pesto with pine nuts. I highly reccommend!

Sunday I made chili. Chili is a fall must. As you saw from the last post, we now have an abundance of peppers. A lot of them went into this chili, as you can see:
pepper and onion goodness

After 4 cans of beans and a million tomatoes, it ended up looking irresistably yumtastic.
ooooooh chili. so much chili.

it just keeps getting better.

Michael suggested we make some cornbread, and I realized we had everything for it on hand, so we whipped up the Skillet Cornbread from Veganomicon. It was perfect. Succulent, sweet, moist...corny. Cornbread is something I've missed since becoming vegan. Not that I ate it that much before being vegan, but you know every once in awhile you want something from your omni childhood and are not sure how it will turn out veganized... Well cornbread works just frigging fine.
thank you family, for my cast iron skillet birthday present

We served it up with some fresh avocado. So. Good.
decadent deliciousness

Finally, it all added up to a perfect football and beer day. The combination of cornbread, chili, and avocado was literally to die for. I would die to eat this. Maybe. Anyway, our two omni buddies, Andrew and Duff, loved it too. And my aspiring vegan friend Erin had some leftovers and I gave her the recipe in order to fool her omni family. We shall see the results!
best meal of the fall. or whenever, or always.

And tonight, I am cooking these:
i will let you know how this goes


Anonymous said...

I am dying for some chili so coming to your blog was pure kismet. I will be making some tonight! With cornbread too!

VeganCowGirl said...

I heart corn bread in the biggest way possible. And the idea of putting cashews in pasta. Yahhhhhhhhh.

Virginia said...

I LOVE cornbread and I am envious of your cast iron skillet. I want one SO bad!! Chili is just throw everything in a pot (or the crockpot as I love to do) and let it go. So easy and makes the house smell yummy!!.....and maybe I am an idiot but I have NO idea what is in that pic at the bottom that you are going to cook....eeek!

jessy said...

oh damn, your chili looks awesome! what an excellent (and tasty) way to put some of those peppers to good use! mmmmmmmmmmmmm! the cornbread = perfect. and why have i not thought to serve cornbread with avocado?! i think sometimes i live under a rock in the back of a deep, dark cave! aahahaaaa! but this i'm gonna have to try! the pesto also looks exceptionally glorious - especially with the garlic toast. omg - yay!

i can't wait to see what'cha do with the october beans! wahoooooo!

evestirs said...

cornbread + chili + avocado + beer = my perfect sunday

Calimaryn said...

That chili looks divine!

Anonymous said...

Oh American football! I do miss watching games on Sundays... and with some yummy chili?!? Sign me up!

Zoey said...

Wow, your chili and cornbread look amazing! I haven't had cornbread in years, but I may give it a try now that I see how well yours came out.

allularpunk said...

everyone: chili and cornbread IS awesome. add some avocado to your cornbread and learn what life is really about.

Jeni Treehugger said...

I've never had Corn Bread but I'm craving it now from your piccies!!!

Jo Stockton said...

I have been daydreaming about skillet cornbread for a while now. Maybe I'll try it this weekend! Yum! said...

onion and pepper goodness is right! ooh i want in on that -- !! & those beans are quite pretty!