Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yes, I am pretty far behind here. But I have a good excuse. This past weekend was my birthday. Technically, my birthday was on Tuesday. However, I was obligated to celebrate all three days of labor day weekend in order to make up for the fact that I had to WORK on my birthday, and the next day, so I couldn't party it up that specific day. I ate a lot of food, and took pictures of most of it. I even made seitan sausages for my parents when they came here on Monday and they fell in love with them. OR, my mom told my dad to be nice and pretend to like whatever I made, no matter how gross he thought it was. But seriously, they were so good that he couldn't have been faking that level of enthusiasm. Right? Right? Anyway... I also have a rockin recipe for stuffed butternut squash that I made up all on my own that actually worked right the first time, and some pictures from a very veg friendly, sort of communist restaurant in Athens, OH (Casa Nueva). I know you just can't wait to see it all. But you kind of have to. It's been a terribly busy week and it's not getting any better because Michael's sister is getting married on Saturday and tonight we'll be busy packing and tomorrow we're leaving to go up there and won't be back until Sunday. My goal is to post one HUGE megapost Sunday once we get back. Honestly, I have so much to write about that I can't possibly do it right now. Oh, and I'm kind of engrossed in these books that have been distracting me when I haven't been whipping up awesome shit in the kitchen. Um.. I'm sort of embarassed to say that... I've been reading....

The Twilight Saga. I never meant to start this, I swear! Oh, man, I can't believe I just admitted on the internet that I'm reading these books. But they're like heroin to me right now, and I can't stop until they're all finished. Kind of like Harry Potter, but with more sexy monsterism involved. I'm a dork. Anyway, this woman I work with started reading them (I don't even dare to try to understand her motives here) and said I could borrow them as she went through them. So I reluctantly started reading the first one... and, well, there was no going back. Luckily, it only takes me about a day and a half to read one, so it doesn't take up TOO much of my time. However, it's practically all I do in that time span so it's become a sad obsession in my life.

Oh well. I'm on the 3rd book (almost done with it, in fact I tore myself away to post this because I felt guilty for neglecting my blog). As soon as B is done with the 4th one, I'll read it, and hopefully this will all be over. However, she actually has like, a life, so she reads them much slower than I do (what with having a teenage daugther and a fiance and a real job that keeps her busy while I tap my fingernails all day on my empty desk). I'll be done with the one I'm reading by Sunday though, no worries, so I will be posting that night.

Thanks for not judging me!


jessy said...

no worries on the blogging - sounds like you've been super busy lately! and happy birthday! :) hooray for lots of celebrating, and that's so awesome that your parents loved your seitan sausages so much! you've gotta love when omnis love the vegan yummies! hells yeah!

i am looking forward to your mega-post! i have a butternut squash that is just kinda hanging out and i've been looking for a rock'n recipe to use it in! man, now i'm all excitedface!

enjoy the wedding and have a glorious weekend!

VeganCowGirl said...

Happy Happy Birthday.

Virginia said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

allularpunk said...

thank you thank you! i didn't get to post yesterday because first of all, i was exhausted once we got home, so i napped, and second of all, once i woke up i started feeling really sick in a very painful sort of way, so.. but today i feel much better and michael works tonight, so i'll have plenty of time to get on with my mega post!

Anonymous said...

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