Saturday, September 20, 2008

"But my lips hurt real bad!"

Yeah, Napolean Dynamite is on tv. As a fellow chapstick addict, I can understand wanting to leave school if you left it at home. So anyway, I just finished getting my lunch (yeah, it's 6pm) which I ate in the park while I read a book. Lovely. I do have a crapload of cleaning to do, but it can wait long enough for a blog post.

Went to the farmers market this morning for the first time in weeks. I guess the season is slowing down, because there were less than half the amount of vendors than usual there. Still, we got a pretty good haul:
chestnuts, baby eggplant, tomatoes, chilies, crazy pumpkin/gourd aberration

variety of bell peppers, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, some kind of hot peppers

Spent about $24. Prices have gone up a smidge, too for some reason, but that's still more than I could have gotten at the store for that price. I can't wait to roast up those chestnuts in a little bit! That's going to be my reward for getting the apartment clean. I only have one dinner to show right now, since last night was a drunken meal of croissantdogs and trisquits. Michael took me shopping at Gabriel's (rad discount clothing/everything store, if you don't have one) and we found trisquits at the most awesome price of 2 for $1. So we got 4 boxes, since they're usually about 4 bucks at the store. He also got these silly extra long twizzlers that I swear are 2 feet long. Anyway, for dinner on Thursday, I made the Sesame Lime Soba Noodles with Shiitake Mushrooms and Snow Peas from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan. omg. So good. I could definitely eat this more than once a week (if shiitake mushrooms, soba noodles, and snow peas weren't so expensive...).
om nom nom nom

I don't know what's up with that photo, besides it being blurry and sucks. It just doesn't do this meal justice. If you have ED&BV, you should absolutely try this. It's very lime-y and sesame-y. She says in the notes that you MUST use toasted sesame oil, but all I had was pure sesame oil and wasn't about to go pay $4 for a tiny bottle of oil to use in one meal. It turned out just fine, and still very yummy.

Tonight I'm making some mock crabcakes with some type of veggie. Probably some kind of kale thing and possibly some mashed sweet potatoes. Oh! Wait! I just had a flash of genuis! Mashed sweet potatoes WITH kale. Like, kale added in. Whatchoo think? I'll let you know how it goes. Tomorrow is football, pizza, and beer day (oh, Sunday in the obsession) and Michael and I decided on MexiPizza, which we used to make all the time but haven't for awhile now. This morning, Food Network was showing all these shows that were making Mexican food, so I saw it as a sign that we need some refried beans and guacamole in our lives.

"I see you're drinking 1% milk. Is that cause you think you're fat? Well, you're not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to." Screw that! Drink some soymilk, Napolean!


jessy said...

sweet batman, i freak'n LOVE chestnuts! i don't think they're local here in va, but i'm going to splurge and get some soon. roasted chestnuts = my favorite fall/winter snack. my mom used to make them ALL the time when i was wee, no one in our family ate them besides us and we were glad there were more for us! mmmmmmmmmm!

your soba noodle dish looks awesome to me; i wish snow peas were cheaper, too - 'cause they're soooo awesome tasting! we love to slice them up super thin and stuff them into spring rolls with edamame, bell peppers, and soba noodles (and sesame seeds) - it's one of our favorite ways to make spring rolls (and you better believe we make peanut sauce to dip 'em in!).

kale + sweet potatoes = glorious! eat that with some maple syrup drizzled on top and you'll lose your mind. it's so damn delicious! (i like sauteed tempeh on top, too!)

we also puffy heart football sunday! i thought i was one of the few girls that did! good to know you're on board with all the awesomeness, too! i love drinking tasty ass beer, sit'n on our couch, & watching the games. and MexiPizza - i can't wait to see the pictures, Jessica! superexcitedface! dan & i haven't made our own pizza in a loooong time - i think we'll drool over yours and then get off our lazy asses & make some, too!

oh, and i'm really interested in the mock crabcakes - because i used to eat the shit out of some crabcakes in my omni days (ewwwwww! i know, i know!) - and i really miss them!

thanks for the bread tips (i can totally see myself rushing through the yeast developing part), and the information on the poppers. mmmmmm, poppers.

all this food talk is make'n me hungry again! aaahahhhahahhaaha! i love it.

hope your weekend = rock'n! and have a fantastical football infused sunday! enjoy the MexiPizza! yay!

allularpunk said...

i am roasting the chestnuts shortly... didn't get around to it yesterday, and they seem more like a sunday thing anyway.

i am VERY excited to drink some beer and eat mexipizza. the pics won't be so great because it's one of those things... well, mexican food just generally doesn't photograph well, but maybe i'll take process pics so you can see all the layers that go into it.'s noon. i wonder how much longer i'm going to have to wait til the beer starts flowin? pittsburgh doesn't play til after 4, but uh... i have to start before that :)

Meg said...

Your noodle dish looks delicious!

Quite the haul you got at the Farmer's Market.

I love Napoleon Dynamite!!!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

That's an awesome farmers market haul! That gourd is intense! We almost bought those crazy long Twizzlers today at a discount store, weird!

VeggieGirl said...

Oh my, all that produce and that soba noodle dish look FABULOUS!!!