Monday, September 22, 2008

beer and football sunday

As I mentioned earlier, fall Sundays are designated for beer and football. And delicious, easy food. I started out our munchiness with some hummus.
finished this bad boy off today mmm

It was kind of a concoction... I wanted it to be sundried tomato flavor, but ended up adding a bunch of other stuff. Hummus is forgiving though, so it turned out yum anyway. That's a homemade tortilla chip you see wedged on the top of the mound:
a nice healthy alternative to store bought chips

For the chips, I just cut a bunch of whole wheat tortillas into wedges, sprayed with canola oil, sprinkled with cumin, and baked @ 400F for about 5-8 minutes. They were nice and crunchy without being oily and salty. Really let the hummus shine through.

Remember the chestnuts from the farmers market haul? Well, I roasted them.
so cute all popping out of their shells

Unfortunately, I learned that I like chestnuts raw. They have a mushy, potato-y texture after they've been cooked which I just did not like. Also, some wormies decided to make a meal of some of these too, and I got kind of tired of going through the effort of peeling them just to see a worm had beat me to the punch. Gross.

And, as promised, MexiPizza. A favorite around my house that hasn't shown its delicious face in a long time. We were overdue for some mexiawesomeness, and I made this one all on my own while Michael did his homework (he usually insists on making the 'meat' and having creative control... but not this time!). So first off, you need a crust. I used to use a storebought one, but then realized it had honey in it. So now I make my own, which ends up being way more mouthwatering anyway.
just look at that sexy crust. oh yes.

Next, put down a layer of refried beans, then some sliced onions and diced jalepenos (actually, I used chilies this time, but whatever). Brush some salsa onto the crust edges and bake (whatever temp and time your crust calls for). This is what it looks like once it comes out:
so toasty and browned and lovely

Now's the time for toppings. I usually heat up some crumblers (Morningstar brand) and corn with a packet of taco seasoning. That goes on first. Then an entire small can of sliced black olives.
yeah, I know. it only gets better though.

Finally, top with a bunch of shredded lettuce, a jar of salsa and some sliced scallions. Hmm... this looks okaaaay... but it's missing something...
almost doooone!

Oh, wait, that's right.

slice and top with your favorite guac recipe. it's really NOT DONE until you put the guacamole on it. I'm serious.

K, that's it for today. I need to use some tempeh today, before it gets moldy. I'm not so good with tempeh, but I shall do my best. Hope your Monday has been better than mine. Thank goodness work's over, at least. Now I'm off to clean up after beer and football Sunday. I mean, it's pretty obvious from the title of the day that dishes weren't getting done, right?


Virginia said...

When I saw the pic of the pizza with the refried beans and onions, I was like "wow, I have to try that!" thinking that that was it...but no, there was more! Talk about a loaded pizza! Looks YUMMY!!!

jessy said...

holy shit, that is the most glorious work of "mexiawesomeness" (awesome word!) i've ever seen!!!

i am gonna have to make a mexipizza 'cause damn, that = the most fantastical deliciousness i can think of. and your crust - PERFECT! :)


jessy said...

p.s. - i got so excited about the mexipizza i forgot to tell you: sadface on the chesnuts! sorry you didn't like the taste of 'em roasted too much, & that sucks crap that some of them were wormed! eek! i've never had 'em raw, next time i pick some up i'll give it a shot!

i love the pita chips! BRILLIANT! and the hummus looks extra creamy + awesome!

allularpunk said...

yes, mexipizza is... omg. obviously, it's just amazing and you must try it before you can truly say that you have lived. and about the chestnuts...michael liked em roasted, so that a-ok with me. not much gets wasted with him around, trust me ;)

lae21 said...

Wow, that mexipizza looks awesome! I think it's going on next weekend's menu.