Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vegan Mofo Day 5: photographic evidence!

See for yourselves how awesome it was: 
buns (mini loaves, really)

bun mania, seriously

sausages fit for a vegan queen...and king

the peppers that topped famous peppers because they were just that amazing

sausage inside its bread house

final result..try getting your mouth around that, buddy

Yeah, I ate mine with a fork, for sure.  I told you they were super rad!

Dinner last night was really wonderful as well...  My grandma ate every bit of tofu I gave her and all of the butternut squash pilaf I made!  And it was so pretty...  but alas, no camera.  I'll have to make it again sometime.  The tofu was the Basic Broiled Tofu from Vcon and the pilaf came from my new cookbook, Linda McCartney On Tour.  It's really a vegetarian cookbook, but most of it is vegan and the recipes that are vegan are marked with a V.  The ones that are not vegan could be easily veganized with a cheese and/or egg substitute.  The book contains recipes from all over the world, so that's pretty cool.  They're fairly simple, but..  really kind of fattening looking.  Most things seem to be fried or have lots of margarine or lots of sugar.  Needless to say, I didn't think my pilaf needed 2/3 cup of margarine or 4 Tbsp of sugar!  Still, there are some good looking ideas in there to work with, at least.  The pilaf was yummy.  Sweet, but just a little spicy.  I have 3 more butternut squashes in my kitchen, so I'm sure I'll make it again soon.  Oh, and the tofu was very simple, but actually very tasty!  I'd definitely make it again if I had a time crisis on my hands (it was pretty quick to whip up).

Today, Michael and I went to the West Virginia Pumpkin Festival.  I took lots of pictures and bought some pretty interesting foodstuffs, all of which I will blog about tomorrow!  Right now we're about to make some nachos for dinner because I am exhausted and also because we tried like 5 different types of salsa at the festival which made us feel a bit in the need of some spicy mexican food.  Tomorrow, however, I am back on the wagon for making creative meals that you will be DAZZLED by.


Virginia said...

i am so having peppers and onions and sausage soon!

aTxVegn said...

Sausage and peppers on homemade buns - wow!

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

TOTALLY awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

You didn't exaggerate- they look REALLY good! The buns look amazing, crisp outside, fluffy inside. Excellent work! NOM!

jessy said...

wow! the buns = excellent, Jessica! i'm so jealous! tee hee! the sausages, the sauce 'n peppers - oh my - it's glorious! glad your grandma liked your tasty tofu, & the butternut squash pilaf! maybe that's what i need to do with my butternut squashes - a pilaf, and i want to make some roasted yummies like you did last week with the squash & tofu and herbs 'n spices! mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

i'm excited about all the fun pumpkin pictures - and hooray for nachos. i bet they were delish! i can't wait to be dazzled! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Kati said...

Whoa, that does look awesome. Super yum.

BadYogi said...

dude. I am drooling just looking at those pics.

Celine said...

poor bird...but the food, oh my!!

Bethany said...

that sandwich = yummy looking. I'm totally coveting that sauce. It looks spicy.