Thursday, October 30, 2008

food that cured my sickness. and a contest, what!

First off - Georgia wanted to know how the loaf held up over the next couple of days.  The answer is: really well.  It didn't crumble or anything.  In fact, it stuck together remarkably well.  I used a potato masher to mush all the stuff together though, so maybe that made it more like a brick.  By the way, her blog has some totally awesome recipes and she lives in Australia (which is ultra cool) so you should go over there and check it out!

Second of all, I want to point out that I did not have the energy to cook while I was sick!  I made that loaf before I got sick in the first place, and the only thing I contributed to the spring roll meal was the beans (which is just putting stuff in a pot and letting it simmer).  Same with last night... I only made one component of the meal, because again, I felt icky.  Michael is the hero here!  I think some of you think I'm superwoman or something, haha...  No, I can't do anything while I'm sick.  

Anyway, as of today, I feel a lot better.  Still kind of blah, but I'm not achey, which is AWESOME.  I can deal with sinus congestion when my body doesn't hurt.  And my throat is less sore.  Yay!  I attribute it 100% to chocolate, oats, and nachos.  They cured me.  When I got home yesterday, Michael had made me some bars!  They were oaty and chocolatey and peanut buttery and so so so so good.  I think he got the recipe from food network, but he changed it around a lot.  The peanut butter at the top was the reminded me of Reese's cups.  Oh..I miss those sometimes.  But these were way better
just look.  look at it!

 He also, per my request, made up some hot chocolate.  I sent him the recipe via text message: soy milk, cocoa powder, sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla extract.  It was so good.  SO good.  I might make some here in a minute, actually.  I haven't had good hot chocolate in a long time, and it was perfectly hot and sweet and wonderful.

We decided to make nachos for dinner.  This is a relatively easy thing for us to whip up.  Michael makes the 'meat' and beans and chops the veggies,  I usually make the guacamole and cheeze sauce.  It took me too long to make the sauce last night though (I was dragging pretty bad), so he made the guac.  And it was better than mine.  Yeah, I said it.  He did an awesome job.  
mound of perfection

Anyway, chips piled high with tvp, corn, refried beans, olives, lettuce, scallions, cheeze (spicy style), salsa and guacamole is a sickness cure.  Who knew?  I went to bed after not even finishing my plate and woke up feeling refreshed.  

The moral of this story is, first of all, find someone to take care of you when you are sick.  Then, have them make you chocolatey things and nachos.  You'll be better in no time!

By the way, I only got 1 suggestion for a Halloween costume!  Come on, guys.  I really have no idea what to go as!  You have until tomorrow at like...8 pm to think of a costume that I will wear to a party for like an hour.  It's cold, here so...  no skimpy slutsuits, please!  Tell you what.  I'll up the ante a little bit.  The winner of my Halloween Costume Idea Contest will receive a box of cookies from me.  How's that for incentive?  Now lets get those ideas flowing, ok?


miss v said...

um, do you have to keep taking pics of that pumpkin mug? rub it in my face more, why don't ya!?

ps - glad you are feeling better. :)

Miss Maddie said...

You could be a dead skier!!

Layer up with scarf/mittens/hat and then make your face pale, and some part of you bloody.

Warm, but scary. :)

p.s. nice blog! I'm just getting into the blogging community...

Anonymous said...

yumm! mexican food is the BEST! I just had tortilla chips tonight for the first time in FOREVER. Okay, not forever, more like february haha. That taco salad looks amazing!

Georgia said...

Ohhh - thats one more reason for me to make such a yummy looking loaf. It almost sounds too good to be true ;)

Those nachos just look amazing. oh... yum.

I don't really have any costume ideas - we don't really celebrate Halloween here so my costume ideas don't extend much beyond the basics that I see in the movies. Have fun though :)

Bex said...

oooo *sneaks off to the kitchen for some hot chocolate*

as for Halloween costumes I have never been able to think of anything too clever. Last year I was "all that and a bag of chips" which was actually quite fun. I had people coming up to me randomly throughout the night saying "I just got it"

Lynn said...

GRAPES!!! Cover yourself with green or purple balloons. And wear a green beanie for a stem.

Cake said...

Dress up like Cookie Monster from Sesame St. Wear all blue and carry around a plate of vegan cookies.

Mandee said...

I had no energy this week as I was sick too but by Weds I managed to make vegetable soup and I am sure it has made me feel a lot better!

Megan said...

Oh, those nachos. DROOL.

Go as Ashley Todd. Just black your eye and draw a backwards B on your face.

KittyPaws said...

Cut a large clear garbage bag so that you can fit your legs through it and you can tie it at your neck, fill it with colourful baloons and go as a jellybean jar. Should be pretty cheap to make. I know baloons are evil but I always seem to have some at home from many years ago. Maybe you can find something to do with the baloons afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Maybe go as 'Where's Wally' (I think you guys call him Waldo?)~he wears a warm stripey jumper and a bobble hat so it's weather appropriate and simple.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm going to have to try that loaf.
You know, one of my best halloweens was a few years ago when I dressed up as the Cat in the hat and my two friends were thing one and thing two. If you're going with more than one person that can work well. Another fun (and naughty) year I went as a priest and a male friend of mine went as a nun (with his beard). Good luck thinking of a costume.

Virginia said...

ok, here goes:

*old woman
*mother nature (so vegan!)
*"cereal" killer-Take a bunch of empty miniature cereal boxes, stick plastic knives in the sides, paint with red paint or nail polish to simulate blood. Pin the boxes all over yourself.
*babysitter-dress like a teenager and carry around a baby doll and baby stuff
*Ugly Betty
*Alphabet Soup (since you eat a lot of soup)- Dress in red or dark orange clothes. Cut letters out of construction paper and attach them all over yourself. Make a giant spoon out of aluminum-foil-covered cardboard and carry it with you.

ill try to find/think of some more...

Virginia said...

ok some more:

*substitute teacher-dress in nice "teacher clothes", stick a paper airplane to the back of your hair and put a "kick me" sign on your back-attach paper clips all over you and get chalk all over the front of you

*static cling-wear mismatched clothes, pin one pant leg up, pin dryer sheets to you as well as small dishrags, towels, etc...put hair gel in your hair to make it stand up and be all messy!!

christina said...

i'm sick this halloween too, so i'm going the super cheap/warm/easy route. wear whatever you want (bundle up!) and carry a sign that says 'Nudist on Strike!' or you could wear the letter 'P' on your shirt and give yourself a black eye, and voila! You're a black-eyed pea. Punny!

jessy said...

not achey = yay! i hear ya on being able to deal with sinus stuff while not being achey. 'cause achey sucks the most. ick! but i'm happyfaced you're feeling better.

those. bars. are. GLORIOUS! you should convince Michael to write up a recipe because i totally want them in my tummy! NOW! :D

nachos - oh my gosh, nachos! how cheezy and guacy and yummy, indeed. good jeebus they look scrumptious! and now i'm craving nachos! wahooooooooooo!

i have yet to have hot cocoa as a vegan - and for some reason i totally thought you needed some special kinda mix, i'm a dummy! i'm totally going to try out what you did with the soy milk, chocolate chips (we have some tiny ones that will melt pretty quick i bet), sugar, etc. w00t! thanks, Jessica.

oh, and here are some more halloween ideas for you (that are pretty cheap, too!):
#1. crazy cat lady. wear some pj pants, slippers, a top that doesn't match anything - and your bathrobe. carry around your kitty scooper and mess your hair up somethin' crazy like. i bet blue eye shadow would be good, too. then if you've got any kitty toys, etc - pin them on you, too (stuffed kitties, mouse toys, etc.). that might be kinda fun.

#2. freudian slip. (although that might be not be so awesome 'cause it's cold outside) get thee to a thirft store and buy a slip. then write lots of freudian slips on it and wear that. pretty cheap, and it can be pretty fun, too!

that's about alls i gots, Jessica. sorry! i'm not too creative and usually don't dress up! ahahaha! but have a glorious halloween - you guys have the best time yet (and take lots of fun photos to share)!

evestirs said...

Have an umbrella lying around the house? How about a bat costume?

Eric said...

OMG those nachos looks awesome! What do you use to make the cheez sauce? You've got me craving nachos in a serious way now :)

I love that pumpkin coffee mug in your first pic as well.

Costume ideas....I'm bad at those, which is why I never dress up! Although, if I were going to dress up this year, I'd dress up as a librarian!

vegan addict said...

I say go as a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I always wanted to do that, but I am lazy as heck. Seriously though, all you need is foil to make a bowl, and a whisk attachment or whatever. And then you can wear cozy tops and bottom layers of the same color for the rest of the mixer. You can even wear a hat! And your bowl can be for collecting candy!!!

Vegan_Noodle said...

So glad you are feeling better!! I think chocolate and nachos sound like the perfect "pick me up" foods!

And I would help you think of a costume if I could only think of one for myself as well!!

Virginia said...


*mucho dinero-attach pics of robert dinero all over your body

*self-absorbed-attach sponges all over your body

*really sleepy person-go in pj's, robe, slippers, mess your hair all up, carry a newspaper and a coffee cup (your jack o lantern mug would be awesome!), maybe a pillow...this sounds so comfy!!

Zoey said...

Wow, those nachos look really good. I wish I was having that for dinner.

Anonymous said...

I need those nachos!

My easiest idea ever was "The Color Purple" but i have a purle wig, coat, and pants so it was pretty easy.

Jeni Treehugger said...

eric asked the same question as I want to know....WHAT CHEEZE SAUCE RECIPE IS THAT!!??
It looks blinking YUM!