Saturday, October 4, 2008

vegan mofo day 4: i am a complete moron my rush to pack this morning and get to my parents' house, I forgot my camera.  I brought the cord, of course, in order to upload the FABULOUS pictures I took of my AMAZING meal last night, but forgot the effing camera.  EFF!

Which also means no pictures of what I'm making my grandma tonight.  I'm really pissed at myself right now.  

However, rest assured that my meal last night was incredibly good.  And there will be pictures of it for you tomorrow once I get home.  I made the sausage from scratch, I made the peppers and onions from scratch, and I made the buns from scratch.  The whole thing only took me about 2 hours from start to finish (what with the bread needing to rise twice...I wasn't actually in the kitchen that whole time).  And somehow, my peppers (which I cooked to perfection for about 40-ish minutes for optimum flavor awesomeness) were actually better than the Oliverio peppers I get at the store.  Oliverio peppers are kind of a big deal around here, in case you didn't know.  They're local (sort of...they're made in the state anyway) and they are supposed to be the epitome of Italian peppers amazingness.  

Until now.  

Yeah, mine really were that good.  And really easy to make, actually, especially if you just happen to have a million peppers of varying types on hand because your significant other went a little nutso on buying peppers at the farmers market (love ya, babe).  All you need is some various sweet peppers, a couple hot peppers, 1 onion, a big can of tomato puree (no, I didn't make my own puree...that's insanity, people), and some Italian herbs (oregano, marjoram, fresh basil).  I honestly didn't think I would be able to outdo the store bought kind, but there ya go.

My buns were super good, too.  They were more like mini loaves of bread, since I just took my regular bread recipe and divided it into 6 long pieces and baked as usual.  The end result was a fluffy (not dense this time, yay!), huge bread pocket.  I think the difference was that I changed my ratio of wheat : white flour to 2 : 4 instead of 3 : 3.  I hate using that much white flour...  But they turned out non-dense, so...  

And the sausages were awesome, as usual.  Michael thought they tasted a little different (i.e. better) this time, but the only difference was that I actually used the pinto beans that the recipe called for instead of whatever beans I had on hand.  So, maybe that actually matters.

Oh, and by the way, if you have not yet tried Rice Dream's 'chocolate caramel chai' it.  Right now.  There's not a lot of caramel flavor to it, really, but there is something in it that's like...  mousse-y and wonderful and rich and....holy mother nature, it's amazing.

keep this stuff away from's just too good 

Well... I guess with my extra time...  I'm going to peruse your blogs (I know I've been a little behind on my commenting...there's just so many to look through now during veganmofo that it's a little hard to keep up with!) and make a cup of tea.

And be mad at myself for forgetting that g*ddamn m*therf*cking camera.  !!!frustrated!!!


Chessa said...

That's so awesome your meal turned out! It sounds delicious! But I don't know, there's no photographic evidence...

And what's with giving me delicious chocolate frozen treat recommendations?!? I already have a problem controlling myself here!

Can't wait to see the pictures! :D

jessy said...

the meal sounds awesome! and homemade buns = bad ass! i need to get on that sh*t, fo 'sho! hooooooray for bun success, and sausages, too! indeeds! :D i cannot wait to see yummy pictures of it all!

Sal said...

I always forget my camera when I'm cooking at someone else's house because usually it's left under a tea towel in my kitchen.

allularpunk said...

we just finished dinner and it was beautiful! EFFFFF! i'll have to make it for michael sometime because it was actually really tasty... more on that tomorrow though.

Megan said...

I know the camera frustration. I was going to photojournal my trip to the store, but forgot. Then I realized how completely rhubarbed that would be.

Celine said...

don't be mad! dive into the ice cream instead. I'll have to try it.