Thursday, October 16, 2008

beanie weenies, pizza, and my freezer

Dinners the last 2 nights, while yummy, have been less than blog-worthy.  But in the name of mofo and being completely honest about what I eat (good or bad), here it is anyway.  Tuesday Michael and I had big plans for dinner, but ended up procrastinating until it was too late to fool with.  So we just made some beanie weenies.  Scared Kitty Beanie Weenies!
mine's the soupy one on the

Last night Dad was here and I was super exhausted and couldn't get up the gumption to cook, so we just drank beer and ordered pizza.  Dad got a meaty cheesey pizza (which he said was good), and Michael and I got 2 of something a little different.
pineapple, onion, banana peppers

tomatoes, black olives, green peppers

You can tell which one we liked more, eh?  Dad also stopped at a few farmers markets on his way here and brought us some total awesomeness!  The best part?  He said he only spent like $8.  what!
butternut squash, pie pumpkin, delicatas, and carnivale squashes

He also got us some eggplants (wish me luck on those), tomatoes (green and red), and some asian pears.  Yumm!  I seriously can't wait to roast up some of those crazy squashes though.  Thanks, Dad!  

This is kind of a pathetic post, huh?  Well, to fill it out, Sal from Alien on Toast tagged me for another meme!  This one's all about my freezer.  Now, my freezer is jam packed.  It's not that big, though.  That's probably why it looks like that.  So here goes.  First, my door:
In here we've got: corn, brussels sprouts, chopped spinach, a complete shitload of different colored bell peppers, yellow squash, artichokes, strawberries, and peas.

The first half of the inside:
Here we have: peaches, quinoa, cornmeal, raisins, blackberries, phyllo dough, more peppers, more squash, more brussels sprouts, more peas (!), boca burgers, twizzlers (that are 2 feet long), and some 'meat'balls.

Annnnd the second half:
Some of that stuff is in the first pic, so I'll only mention the new stuff: tots, 2 kinds of Rice Dream (vanilla gingersnap and vanilla swiss almond), chickn strips, ice, semi-sweet pastilles, and a pie crust.

We just went grocery shopping before these photos.  All the peppers, peaches, blackberries, and squash are from the farmers market this summer.  And there's also half a banana and a tub of some stew from months and months ago that you can't see in there.  I know a bunch of people have already done this and can't remember who right now (I'm hurrying a bit because It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is about to come on!), so if you have not done this meme and wanna, do it and then I'll come over and comment about how awesome your freezer is.  

Right now there is a big pot of some yummy soup on the stove, so get ready for a recipe tomorrow!


miss v said...

ooh, i love banana peppers - especially on pizza.

ps - you know what else i love on pizza? sauerkraut. word. ;)

Liz said...

hellz yeah. Banana peppers, sauerkraut, olives, I love all these on pizza! Those tomato slices look pretty rockin, too.

We have the same fiestaware bowls!

I'm going to try to remember to do the freezer pics tomorrow.

Monika K said...

Banana peppers on pizza? I'll have to give that a try...maybe. (: I love the scary cats on your beans and weenies - very Halloweenish.

I only wish my freezer looked as full as yours does - I definitely need to go grocery shopping.... (:

Sal said...

Mmmm pizza! Looks good!

Anonymous said...

All this talk about pizza toppings is getting me mighty hungry!!

Virginia said...

you shop at Kroger! w00t! i love Kroger! they have the best selection of natural/organic foods at a fairly decent price in my area.

your freezer is stocked. mine has nothing but some bread, a few bags of frozen veg, and some boca burgers basically.

Anonymous said...

That pizza looks great! Yummy, most definitely! Which brand of prepackaged meatballs is vegan? I'll have to check them out ( And I agree with Virginia, I LOVE Kroger! I alwyas shop there when I go. ALthough, Ingles has the best ice cream selection ever hehe)

Anonymous said...

Ah! Beanie weenies is possibly the coolest meal in a bowl ever!!!!! And those Tater Bites in your freezer would probably go nicely with beanie weenies... Now I need beanie weenies, and it's only like 9 am here...

Yes! I will totally send you Tings! Tings in exchange for baked goods sounds perfect. I am emailing you for arrangements... Get excited!

AGNESSS =))) said...

Hey hey!!! :) Thank you so much for commenting on my blog !!

It's ok to be a bit lazzzy and not want to cook or procrastinate..hah :D completely normal!!

I'm looking forwrd to the recipe you're going to post!!
Everthing here on your blog's SOOOO great inspiring as I said before :DDD I'm so glad I found your blog!!!!!!! :D

You mentioned you'd be interested in the GROCERY EXCHANGE !! :-D Pls let me know,ok????!! It'll be fun!! Really!!

Wel,well,,I'd be SO HAPPY bout a comment on my new post if you'd like to leave some..:D Pls visit me !!:D

Hope for you :D


Lindsay I-F said...

i love the kitties in your soup

jessy said...

now how does one go about making beanie weenies? i remember having these as a kid and i also remember them being just about the best damn thing EVER! i want to know how to make scared kitty beanie weenies!!!!! and you should tell Michael to stop taking all the solid beanie weenie goodness out of the pot and leave more for you so yours can be non-soupy too! aahahahaaa!

pizza + beer when you don't wanna cook is one glorious combination. i'm also love'n the combination of pineapple, onions, and banana peppers - kinda a sweet meets sour meets delicious thing go'n on! mmmmmmm! i'm also jealous that you've got a pizza place that offers actual real tomato slices as a topping option. superjealousface!

your dad = the bestest! i need to show my dad this post and tell him "well, Jessica's dad is super nice and picks her up fall-time awesomeness!". ahahhaaaaa! and i think that if you roast up the eggplant, puree it, and hide it in a dish - you may not notice it's there (that's how i hide eggplant from dan! muuuahahaa)! oh, and i expect to see some fried green tomatoes!

your freezer is jam packed full of yummies! i see all those kroger brand veggies in there - we've got a bunch of those, too! man, that's A LOT of veggie goodness! and i didn't know you could put stuff like cornmeal and quinoa in the freezer?!?! i just learned something new today! hot damn! thanks, Jessica!

uh ohhhhhhh - i just scrolled down and saw the tots. now i want tots!!!! and i want to make a spicy vegenaise dip to dunk them in. i'm going to have to make this happen you know, and it's all your fault!!!!!!!!! :)

looking forward to your delicious soup post! wahooooooooooooo!

allularpunk said...

miss v - i think you might OD on sauerkraut one day soon! on pizza? that's just going too far, my friend ;)

liz - i love fiestaware! it's so pretty even though it's plain, and great for everyday use cause you can pretty much drop them on the floor without breakage. i want to get a whole bunch of different colors one day! so far i have blue, green, and pink.

monika - you've never had banana peppers on pizza? wowza! go do it!

sal - it was :)

shelly - just go eat some pizza. you will be happy.

virginia - i love kroger too. it's the only place around here you can get decent stuff at a relatively cheap price.

conquerbysmiling - those are lightlife brand, which i've never had before. there is some other brand that i get sometimes, but i don't remember what it is...

veganaddict - beanie weenies are totally simple and yummy. i am SO EXCITED ABOUT TINGS.

agnesss - thank you for enjoying my blog so much!

lindsay - that was totally michael's idea...he said they needed sprucing up, and it worked!

jessy - ours are just cut up soydogs cooked in 2 cans of vegetarian baked beans. so simple it's almost sad. and my dad is the bestest, isn't he? they lady i bought that cornmeal from at the festival said to put the cornmeal in the freezer so it would keep better. oh and yeah, i bought the tots on a whim yesterday. i haven't had any in ...months. and i needed em.

Anonymous said...