Friday, August 1, 2008

Comcast BLOWS

So. I had internet and cable. for about 4 hours. Then it promptly went out 5 minutes before I got home from work. Spent the following 2 hours on the phone with Comcast (aka the devil) getting the runaround. They're supposed to come fix it today, after 5pm. And we managed to get $30 off our next bill for our troubles. So...

Whatever. It's just another frustration in my life. But later this evening, I should be set and ready to go. Last night's dinner was a variation on
this recipe from Yeah, That "Vegan Shit". There are photos, and I will post my revised recipe (sorry, L.L., I can't help myself from altering every recipe I come across!). I don't know if mine is any better necessarily... but it's what I did to make it seem like something Michael and I would enjoy more. We're weird. Sue me.

Ok, so unless Comcast decides to completely royally fuck me, I will be able to actually get this party started, blogstyle.

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Alison said...

I've been reading those two words a lot lately in reviews about Comcast, so I definitely won't be going that route. Sorry about your problems with them! Hope everything worked out for the best. I do recommend checking out and reading all the comparisons on all the major satellite and cable companies out there and seeing who is best for you. I found that DISH Network was the best for me and have been working and subscribing with them for a while now with absolutely no problems! :)