Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I finally bit the bullet and called to get internet today. It will be installed tomorrow. As well as cable TV, which I could do without. It came in a package which made the internet cheaper and I can cancel the cable anytime I want and still pay the cheaper price on the internet. So. If I can convince my bf that we CAN continue to live without cable after being spoiled by it for a month, it might...might be worth it. But I gotta pay a cable/internet man over a hundred bucks tomorrow morning, plus buy groceries tonight, so my freshly deposited paycheck is going to be cut in half by the weekend. Oh, and then I have to pay bills.

Guh. I know everyone has to do this, but it's just been really hard the past few months. I feel completely poverty-stricken. And while I know that paying for everything with money I've earned should make me feel AWESOME, instead it just makes me want to go back to school AGAIN and take out some more students loans and live off them. It's sooooo much easier to spend the government's money than it is your own. Plus, student loans default after you die, so if I ever have children or something they won't have to pay them! I mean, really. What is stopping me from just being a lifetime student? Somehow I had more money then. Crazy.

Enough whining, right? So tomorrow there will be a real post! With real pictures! Of real food!

Including........... BIG SAMMICH!


The Shaw Garden said...

usually if you have internet, you have cable. at least that is how it works for me with comcast. i only pay for internet and magically have free cable!

allularpunk said...

hmm.. comcast must have lied to me! big surprise. they hooked it up today though. so i'm back in business!