Monday, August 18, 2008

farmers market

I am so far behind. I have many things to show you, such as swiss chard packets, lemony mac and cheeze, special marinated grilled tofu.... but I had a busy weekend. So I will start with what happened on Saturday: Michael and I got up extra early and went to the farmers market! We spent about $35, and this is what we got:

peppers, karabi, sweet potatoes, swiss chard, butternut squash, yellow watermelon, and beets

peaches and blackberries

yellow and red cherry tomatoes

a plethora of varied tomatoes

Obviously, we went a little tomato-crazy. We were grabbing up tomatoes like they were going out of style. But when we've spent most of the year living off hothouse, artificially ripened grocery store tomatoes... what would you expect? In an attempt to use some up, we made a lovely tomato salad atop a bed of bulgher.

Tomato Salad

It's simply various tomatoes cut into chunks, with a drizzle of olive oil, splash of balsamic vinegar, and some chopped basil. Oh, and salt. We're salt fiends here. Yummy!

Then we needed to get rid of the REST of the tomatoes. Well most. I still have all the cherry tomatoes and we kept ONE big tomato for slicing and sandwiches. Sunday night we made our own marinara, based off of Isa's sauce tutorial. It.was.amazing. Here's some photos of our process:
the peeled tomatoes, after blanching

i am unable to correctly spell mira croix. that sucks.

after immersion blending, we added some meetballs

atop whole wheat penne with homemade bread

I also made homemade bread for this meal, and also because we needed some for sammiches. It was funny because after I put the first loaf in the pan, Michael was like 'let me do the second loaf!' and I was like, 'well I was going to braid it' and he goes, 'so was I!' So he braided it. Yay!

Oh, I used this recipe from VegWeb. It's called Outrageously Easy BIG Bread. And it's all true. I subbed in 2 cups of WW I used 2 cups WW, 4 cups AP. It made it just slightly healthier, I guess. I know WW flour is heavier or something and doesn't raise as well, so I'm cautious about using all WW flour. Anyway, this bread is ...sexyhotamazing good. So eat it.
Next time I will post about our camping trip on Saturday and all that other stuff I mentioned in the beginning of the post.

Oh, ok, here's the mustache pic I mentioned last week. Enjoy.



jessy said...

wow! all those deliciously super stellar goodnesses for just $35.00! hot damn, that rocks! and omg - your meetballs 'n pasta - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! i want to put it in my face! i need to get off my lazy butt and start making my own bread, too! perhaps i'll try that recipe and make some this weekend. because buying bread in plastic bags = the suck.

can't wait to see what other awesomeness you create with all the loot! yay!

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