Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WIP Wednesday, quiches, and muffins

First off, this will be a quick post.  I'm sleepy.  And slighty drunken.  My bad!  And Top Chef is on.  Triple whammy.  Anyway, I've been working on my knit stitches.  This is for my WIP Wednesday (visit shellyfish if you don't know what I'm talking about!).  This is my special knit stitch for sweaters (knit, purl, alternate rows).
Next up is my first try at cable knitting.  You can just see the little swirly-doo.
swirl twirl!

This swirlydoo takes lots of time, but is fun, nonetheless.  I enjoy it.  I want to try making some knit animalpals, but have yet to find any fun patterns.  It will be, though!
Chick-wheat savory muffins

These are Celine's wonderful savory muffins.  Michael made these and we had them with dinner last night.  Then I had one for breakfast.  Then I had one with lunch.  They taste like fluffy falafel!  Wonderful, wonderful.  I fully reccommend that you made theses as soon as possible.  PS - they are my new favorite muffin AND biscuit!
mini quiches

These are the mini crustless tofu quiches from  I modify mine, using regular tofu instead of silken and other veggies besides mushrooms (none on hand and i just don't like 'em that much).  Still, I garnished them with a little cherry tomato while baking and they turned out wonderful!  Hint:  super spraying your tins with spray oil  makes them come out easier.
all together now

Steamed carrots (on sale, what!) with mustard sauce from Vcon, quiches, and chick muffins.  Lovely.  I especially loves the muffins soaked in the mustard sauce.  Woo!  And now, I must continue watching Top Chef.  See ya!


Jes said...

Beautiful quiches! And muffins! And knitting! I'm rather jealous of you WIP folk--my only work in progress is an english thesis. Not very postable. :) (And I'm commenting drunkish--quadruple whammy?)

Anonymous said...

Wow - you're a knitting machine! I love it. I'm going to link your post to mine right now so I don't get distracted by my day!
And all that foodie goodness - right on!

Sal said...

I've been eyeing those savoury muffins too! They look awesome, I might have to give them a go at the weekend.

The quiches look great too, I haven't made those yet either.

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing those muffins too and now I totally want to try them!!!
Mmm, and those quiches sound amazing, I love that recipe.

Anonymous said...

Steady on dude! We don't want any knitting needle fires......>;o)

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Those all look incredibly delicious:]

miss v said...

cute quiches!

and i've not made that mustard sauce yet, but now that i know you are a mustard food like me, i totally trust your judgment and i'll whip it up.

ps - your knitting is coming along so nicely! it took me a while before i messed with cabling - you so feisty!

jessy said...

damn, Jessica - i tried cable knitting once about a year ago and pretty much cried 'cause i suck at it. i can't believe you're mastering it already! sweet awesomeness! yay! i love knitting & purling to make ribbed scarves. it's my fav! nice W.I.P! :D

i totally missed those savory muffins. i'm going to print off the recipe after i comment here. i looove me some falafel tasting goodnesses! your mini tofu quiches are the absolute cutest ever! i love the tomatoes on top - and your substitutions, too. gonna have to remember those! thanks for the tip on the cooking spray. w00t! carrots on sale - and MUSTARD SAUCE. WTF is wrong with me in that i have not tried this mustard sauce yet?! gotta crack open vcon tonight and check it out! mmmmmmm!

jodie said...

Try this knitted lobster - so fun!

jodie said...

Here it is:

Alice (in Veganland) said...

The savory muffins look so great!

Hannah said...

Very impressive knitting- You sure got the hang of it really fast!

michelle said...

Wow! I'm mighty impressed with your early knitting skills. I bought Stitch 'n Bitch awhile ago, and didn't get nearly as involved as I would have liked. I wanted to try amigurumii too!

I was eyeing those savory muffins too...yum!

aTxVegn said...

I love those quiches, and I'm glad to hear those muffins are wonderful, as I knew they would be since they are from Celine.

I love Top Chef too!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Wow, your knitting looks awesome!! Cables are kind of a pain, but totally worth it in the end.

And oh those mini quiches and muffins! Yum!

Anonymous said...

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