Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jessica tested, Michael approved

So, for whatever reason, the internet is working.  I'm actually stealing someone else's right now, which hasn't worked all through the previous week, but right now, is.  I'm taking advantage and posting; hopefully it won't die on me halfway through, right?  First off, I know I said I had recipes for you, but upon retesting one of them, I realized that the first time was a fluke.  It was a seitan recipe that was defreakinglicious.  I tried to recreate it last night, from memory (but now taking notes) and it didn't taste the same.  Therefore, I have more testing to do.  The other recipe was for a butternut squash and leek risotto.  That's pretty self explanatory though, and again, I didn't write down what I did specifically, so I forget.  I am completely lame, I know.  I do have some scraps of paper with notes on them, however, and really do plan to make these happen again so that you can have the recipes, because they are the ultimate in yum  Want to see how yummy?
i admit to my use of flash

I was so hungry by the time I churned this out that I almost forgot to take a picture.  This plate was actually sitting on my lap at the time of said picture taking, and no flash just wasn't cutting it.  And I also want to point out that I spent over an hour yesterday looking for my tripod and can't find the damned thing.  I really do want to take better pictures of my food.  There is no reason for me not to.  Well, now there is, because apparently my tripod has gone the way of the buffalo.  

At any rate, that's the seitan cutlet that I'm talking up, and dude, seriously, it was amazing.  Denser than the usual recipe, which I like.  I'm not a fan of 'fluffy' seitan.  This one is not.  Fluffy, that is.  On top is a gravy Michael mixed up that had orange zest in it and it was the yum.  In the back you see my risotto which was creamy and savory/sweet.  And it had leeks, with which you cannot go wrong.  
tempeh blt

This is a sammie that had all odds against it, and still turned out delicious.  We wanted BLTs, but had no fakin bacun, but there was a package of tempeh in the fridge.  However, we didn't have, like, any of the ingredients for the marinade in VWAV, so we winged it.  And hello buddy did it turn out wonderful.  I do remember the recipe for this one, but not the specific measurements.  I was going to go figure it out real quick when I transfered the pictures from my computer to Michael's desktop for uploading, but then the internet started working and I don't want to jinx myself by moving one inch.  This one I will have for you, tomorrow probably, since I'll be doing W.I.P. Wednesday.  

Our friend Chase, who was here on New Years and loved our food was here for both of the above  meals and loved all of it.  I don't think he finished his risotto, but he only left like 2 bites, so it couldn't have been that bad.  I figure if something is omni-approved, it must be fairly decent.  Well, unless that person has terrible taste.  So I guess the jury is still out.

Anyway, on to more exciting things:  I am testing recipes for a future vegan cajun cookzine by Sarah (she doesn't have a regular blog up yet, so I can't link to anything for you) called Cookin' with my Craw-Daddy.  Here are my first two attempts!
Creole Stuffed Mushrooms

Or, Muffuletta Mushrooms, she hasn't decided on the title.  I like muffuletta better, personally.  Anyway, these were really good!  Very spicy and sausage-y (but using TVP, nothing 'fake') with a fabulous taste of olives.  I was highly impressed with this one.  I'm no expert on cajun cooking, but if spiciness and tastiness are key, then...there ya go!  And for those of you (coughmecough) that don't really love mushrooms, Michael and I decided that the mixture would be completely wonderful stuffed into red bell peppers as well.  Michael did love the mushrooms though, and ate them all up with no hesitation.  Success!
Smothered Potatoes

This is another spicy, spicy creation.  The method for cooking the potatoes is pretty genius and they are perfectly tender, with just the right amount of kick.  I'd say these would be rockin' with a tofu scramble.  They weren't at all bad with the mushrooms, either!  Anyway, you should definitely look forward to getting this zine, and keep checking back here because more recipes are being posted for me to try out regularly.  I'm so happy to be a tester for something, especially something as yummy and awesome as this!

Just for kicks, here's my plate:
messy at best

You can see that I put a bunch of nutritional yeast on my tatoes and used a lot of the leftover mushroom stuffing to top one of my seitan cutlets (that the recipe isn't ready for yet).  
soup 4eva

Since it's so freaking cold here, and also since Michael and I both have been a little sickly, we've been eating a lot of soup.  In fact, I'm making more tonight.  The above specimen is something Michael whipped up for our lunch this past week.  It's a carrot soup, but not like a creamy one.  It's brothy (which I love), but still has carrots pureed up in it.  Just the perfect amount of spice and hotness and wonderfulness inside.  He also made some couscous that was bangin'.  His goal was to make everything in the same color family (warm toned oranges).  Totally worked.

And just to prove to you how cold it is here:
kitchen window frostastic

Guys, that is not the type of frosting that yours truly gets excited about.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.  Stay warm, everyone!  

I still have other news that I am bursting at the seams to tell you about, but...  I can't yet.  What!  hahaha...  

p.s. happy inauguration day!  


Jes said...

Oooh those muffuletta mushrooms look radtastic! Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Your food is seriously droolworthy! Love the seitan, risotto (I've never tried leeks!), BLT, and mushrooms. SO tasty!!!

I've been guilty of stealing other's internets too, but don't tell anyone! SHH!

Crystal said...

Yes my windows look like that too... damn it! I can't wait for warm weather! I could really use some of that tasty looking soup :-)

jessy said...

ooooh! i want to know what the news is! pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!

hooray for internets! i'm list'n...

#1. happy inauguration day to you, too! Obama = my fav and i love him the most! yay!

#2. superw00t on being a tester! man, that's so awesome! test'n recipes = the best! i'm gonna have to get that zine when it comes out! keep me posted! i'm all about some creole gloriousness! fo 'sho!

#3. i like muffuletta better, too!

#4. sorry it's so damn cold - and i'm sorry you guys are under the weather! hopefully all that rock'n soup will have you feeling most rad in no time! i'm sending happy thoughts your way!

#5. no worries on the recipes, but i'm keeping tabs on them and checking back. i've only made risotto once and i wanna try it again 'cause yours looks damn delicious and sounds f'n mmmmmmmmmm!

#6. huzzah for a rock'n seitan cutlet that isn't fluffy. i wish my freak'n stomach could handle seitan 'cause i really feel like i'm missing out on sooo much awesome. sadface!

#7. now i want a tempeh blt!

#8. stay warm, Jessica!

#9. i'm throw'n in a superw00t 'cause i'm excitedfaced that you got a chance to post! wahoooooo!

T said...

Hmm, everything looks amazing! Making your own seitan is so badass.. I'll be keeping an eye out for your take.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Happy Inauguration Day back atcha!
Your food looks so yummy, as always. Those Mushrooms keep grabbing my eye!
You little flasher you!
hee hee hee

LeAnne said...

Tempeh is amazing. I need to use it more often.

Georgia said...

ohhhhh tell the news tell the news!!!

Everything looks awesome - especially the mushrooms - I loved stuffed mushies (I love mushies!!)

Thanks for sharing all those lovely food pics.

Anonymous said...

Aaarrrggghhhhhhhh! If you can't tell us the news then don't tell us there IS news!!! The suspense is killing me! Fess up! (soon please!) >:o)
I winged some awesome seitan once (lamb flavoured), and have never been able to recreate it!!
I'm glad your recipe testing is spicing things up and keeping you warm.
Happy (day after) inauguration day! It was quite spectacular!

Sal said...

ooh you little tease!! telling us you have news then denying us!!

your food all looks fantabulous, as always. Lucky you being a tester, those mushrooms and taters look amazing.

I'm forever winging stuff and not writing it down and regretting it. I try to keep a notebook handy but sometimes there just isn't time to be making notes when I'm hungry!

Oh and I really fancy one of those BLTs now, damn it's only 10.15 and I'm hungry!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, as usual you have wowed me with all of your deliciousness! I started reading your post, then stopped to make myself lunch because I knew I'd not make it through all the tantilizing food without some of my own!
Now what is this big news?

miss v said...

good to know you are still eating fantastic emails even though we haven't been able to read about them... :) best of luck with your router!

Virginia said...

what's the news!??!?! spill itttt!!!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Wow, those are some serious stuffed mushrooms!
And I"m with you.. I don't like fluffy seitan... give me denseness!

Anonymous said...

Wow lots of great looking food! That tempeh blt is making me hungry

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Youa lways have such yummy looking meals! I need to hire you as my home chef, hahaha

tofufreak said...

woah. that looks pretty amazin :)