Wednesday, November 5, 2008

you are about to see a lot of soup

But first, lets talk about how AWESOME it is that Obama won last night, shall we?  Last night was magical in and of itself, especially after being severely disappointed from the last 2 elections (and the only ones I'd been able to vote in).  I was starting to get a little I'm always rooting for the losing team and no one understood why we really needed to win, ya know?  But not this time!  Here are some things that tell you how excited I am:  I've been watching news channels constantly since I woke up yesterday morning.  I used to never, ever watch news channels.  But I just want to hear over and over again that Barack Obama is our new president.  And I don't have to hear anything from that idiot, George W. Bush.  Finally.  I walked around today with a bouyant sense of renewed hope.  I could feel it in my chest - as if I was going to burst into spontaneous laughter at any moment.  I must say that this is the first time in my adult life that I have been proud to be American and not floundered at the stupidity of the general public.  I actually feel as if I don't need to immediately find an escape from this country (though...we'll see what happens, I suppose).  

The only sad thing to me was the fact that I have not yet come across a single person today (besides Michael, of course) that is as happy as me.  Friends that I did not know were Republican have been sending me websites that try to prove that Obama is going to screw us over or is not constitutionally able to really be president.  Facebook is a nightmare.  My office...  it's like we're not even allowed to discuss this, at all.  People in the post office (men in expensive looking suits) were talking about how, if 'they' wanted to, 'they' could 'get to' him (Obama).  Repeatedly!  And me, shy kid that I am in confrontational situations, couldn't stand it.  I had to say something to those guys, at least.  But seriously, a lady in the elevator, first thing this morning, got mad at me for my elation!  

We really have to hope for the best.  I am.  It's all I've got left for this country.  

Enough politics I guess.  I have some cookies to bake and I'm running short on time here.  Shall I show you the multiple bowls of soup I've been eating since I'm still sick?  (it is getting better, finally, but yesterday was bad...)  First is the dinner that I somehow threw together on Monday, even though I had a fever.  I made the delicata squash bisque again.  Not as pretty this time.  And the texture was a little off, too...  But I really must be forgiven for that, ok?
apparently, it still tasted good

I also threw together some of the White Beans and Kale from Yellow Rose Recipes.  This is favorite recipe from that book.  It makes kale so yummy.  I like to add little tomatoes to it for some pop.
this pictures are fever pictures, gimme a break on that, too

I couldn't taste any of that.  Michael said it was good.  He especially liked the kale.  I would have liked it.  Anyway, kale is good for me, so I suppose it wasn't a complete lost cause.

Yesterday, I spent the day in bed (until election time).  Michael took good care of me by making this soup:
is there anything better than chunky veggies in herby broth when you're sick?

He based this recipe off of the One Wild Chick Soup from ED&BV, but changed it around by adding loads of fresh thyme and sage, some noodles, and some chickn chunks.  Also, he didn't puree part of the soup, and added fewer chickpeas, I think.  I actually managed to get my tastebuds back for like 15 minutes, just in time for this soup.  And it was gooooooood.

I love soup.  I'm restraining myself from making more tonight.  

Oh, one more quick thing!  I don't have a pic for this, but Michael found this company that ships fruit to businesses.  It's supposed to be all local and organic, and they have a chart on their site that said we (WV) were going to get mangos and persimmons and oranges and tangerines and kiwis and pears and apples and oranges and pomegranates and avocados and bananas.  So uh...  we ordered some, haha.  We were so excited.  And then sad.  Because it came and had like...loads of bananas and apples, 1 kiwi, a couple plums, 2 pears or so, a couple oranges, an avocado with a giant bruise on it...and one tiny, unripe pomegranate.  No mangos.  No persimmons.  No happy.  None of it is very ripe, either.  

Bummer.  The fruit that's there is pretty good though.  I've had a couple plums and an orange.  I was really looking forward to persimmons though because we had a persimmon tree in our front yard when I was little and I remember them being a huge mess, but also tasty (I think).  My mom would probably remember better, because she would be the one responsible for cooking with them, if we ever did, which I think we did, but maybe that's a memory I just made up.  Anyway, I was wistful for persimmons, regardless.  Oh well.

Also, sorry I'm behind on commenting on blogs...  I've been a little politics crazy the past 2 days and it has absorbed my complete and total attention.  I'll get back on it tomorrow!


Mandee said...

Yay Obama and boo to the negative ppl, how could you not be happy that he won?

And lovely looking soups, I have been making vege soup because I am sick too, I'm having some for lunch now, yum!

miss v said...

i was just as excited as you! people in my office were sort of pissy... but the husband and i have been answering our phone "hello, and obama is the answer" since yesterday morning. needless to say, we've thrown a few people off. but we've also started a little slogan among our friends. ;)

Georgia said...

Oh I can totally understand how you feel - was working for the public service last summer when Kevin Rudd beat Johnny Howard (and I was SO pleased) but all the men in my office were grumpy and horrid and all the women were not happy but at least didn't comment - its funny though because when I am at uni with my artsy lefty friends I sometimes wonder how bush and howard get voted in - until I worked at that place and I understood.

Oh I am so jealous about all your soup!!! Its getting too warm for soup (I am sure I will throw a couple more in before summer but on the whole I have to let them go for a season).

I hope you are feeling better - and don't worry about your office because he has won!!!

Anonymous said...

I love soup too and those pictures are seriously yummy looking! Now I want some!* schedules soup on tomorrow's menu*
Aww I"m sorry that the fruit didn't come like you expected, if I could I would send you a bunch of persimmons ( I hope I spelled that right, In Brazil we call them "caqui" )and mangoes!!!

aTxVegn said...

Those soups all look wonderful, but I can't believe you are still sick! Sorry that fruit didn't arrive as advertised. I love persimmons, but I don't think I've ever cooked with them.

vegan addict said...

Awwwww... I'm sorry, Jessica. There are too many angry, stupid, or otherwise just plain mean people floating about our world. Keep spreading your elation!!!!! When our country begins to piece itself back together under Obama's lead, those men in business suits will be turning cartwheels in your yard. Ha! Imagine how funny that would be to see!!!!

I love soup too, and you make me want soup for every meal. I made the delicata squash soup recently, and you are right... It's awesome!!!!! Must buy more squash.

Hoping you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

T.V and I are also elated about Obama (because of the time difference I went to bed with the radio on so that I could keep waking up to regular updates, it was exciting, I didn't want to miss anything!).
I even did a U.S Election themed post on my blog on Tuesday to help spread some good 'Obama Karma' :o)

Anyhoo. Keep eating soup~ it will make you better eventually. It's so great that Michael looks after you and makes you food. And I just had to Google Persimmons~ I'm now very curious as to what they taste like.

I really hope you feel better soon! xx

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Hope you are feeling better today! Your food looks great -- as usual! And... Awwwwwwwww... he took good care of you!!!! Go Michael!!

Eric said...

What kind of recipe used the other miso mayo you saw? It is REALLY good.

One way I try to combat the bitterness of kale is adding salt to the water when I boil it down. Seems to help a lot.

All the recent dishes you've made look excellent! That delicata squash bisque is making me hungry :)

jessy said...

i think i didn't stop smiling yesterday! most people in my office were grumpyfaced and such, but not me. i was grin'n ear to ear! i'm excited about Obama and i think he's going to make an excellent president! i can't wait to see what he does! it's gonna be so awesome - he gives me hope, too! i hear ya on that one!

soup, soup, soup = yum, yum, yum! that stinks that you still can't taste much. that's the absolute worst. i could handle puking if i had tasting ability, ya know?! i hope today you've got it back though! the bisque looks rock'n to me - and the herby chunky veggie n' chik'n soup looks might fine as well. mmmmmmmmmmmmm! hooray for soup! the kale looks so freak'n tasty, too! the tomatoes look (and sound) like a scrummy addition, indeeds! i super love kale! i'm glad i made myself keep eating it until my tastebuds gave in and started liking it. ahahhahaa! awesome!

that sucks the balls about the fruit - how disappointing. i've never had persimmons before. i'm totally gonna have to look those little yummies up!

feel better - and i hope you have fun make'n some cookies! and once more - hooray for obama!

Eric said...

That is a funny coincidence with the miso mayo! It is seriously good.

I went back and looked at my old mexitofu scramble entry, and I must have been are right....salsa with the mexi scramble is always a good idea, no matter the time of day :)

dana said...

My office was the opposite, to an annoying degree. One of the republicans felt so harrassed he didn't come in to work today. So make sure if you're in the majority somewhere to be kind to our mourning conservative friends.
On that note -- at least the republicans don't have to live with a president who tells you that if you don't agree with him that you're anti-American. Obama's speech blew me away when he reached out to those who disagreed with him and encouraged them to keep speaking out so we can all work together.
*jaw drops* Never have we heard anything like that in the past eight years. Maybe republicans don't agree with Obama, but gently remind them that at least under his leadership their patriotism won't come into question like ours was.

Anonymous said...

Shout it loud & proud! Try not to let the dark side get to you, evil is as evil does, and you are not one of them! The energy is palpable all over the world, or at least here in France! Try not to let them get to you, we are all living history!!!

For the Love of Guava said...

mm... those soups look great.. I think we're doing a Hot & Sour tonight.. sorry you're sick and I'm trying to be excited too... except I'm in California so... well one step forward two steps back... I'll still celebrate the one forward though! Hope you feel better!

Celine said...

I totally hear you on being disappointed when people aren't as happy as us about the Obama win: I got all excited and started chatting with the cash register person the morning after the elections, and I was like "woo!" and she was like "yeah...". awkward.
sorry about the fruit thing. maybe it was a fluke?


Congratulations on your new president. If I could have voted I would have voted for Obama. I think the whole world is happy with the outcome.

Hannah said...

I've been sick too, so all of those hearty dishes sound really good right about now.

Anonymous said...

I saw Persimmons in Waitrose supermarket today! They were called 'Sharon Fruit' though so I had to come home and check it was the same thing. But next time I'm deffinately getting some :o)
I thought this was quite exciting but I'm easily pleased :o)

Miss Maddie said...

Yeah obama! and yeah kale!

That salad looks delish.

Anonymous said...

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