Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pre-thanksgiving blah

Is anyone else experiencing this?  I've got a bad case of the kitchen blahs.  I think it's because I know that tomorrow evening and most of the day Thursday I'm going to be cooking these (hopefully) fabulous dishes and I've psyched myself out.  I haven't wanted to cook at all.  Seriously, I had popcorn for dinner on Saturday.  Then it was like pulling teeth to even make spaghetti on Sunday.  Actually, Michael did most everything.  I cut an onion and a green pepper.  I might have made a craptastic salad.  I just couldn't be bothered with it.  It tasted good though.  He did a nice job.
he even garnished my plate for me

Superman also made a bunch of garlic toasts that ruled.
these were so, so yummy

Then last night I didn't feel like cooking either.  Or eating, really.  So Michael wanted a big sammich, and that's what he got.  I think I might have spread the hummus on this.  I may have cut up an avocado.  Oh!  I put the olives on.  And opened the can.  See?  I contribute.
monster sammie

It's days like these that I probably wouldn't bother to eat at all if it wasn't for Michael.  Simply because the kitchen doesn't seem to be my friend right now.  I have to snap out of it though, because tomorrow is a big pre-cooking day for me.  I haven't really posted a menu yet, have I?  Well, I'm not going to.  You can see it in all its glory AFTER Thanksgiving.  I probably won't get to post until Saturday though, because I will be out of town until then.  

Good luck with your giant dinners, American blog buddies (if you so choose to participate in the madness).  Don't overdo it.  Try to remember (like I'm trying) that the most important thing is seeing family and friends and enjoying your time together.  Everything else is...just stuff.  


Anonymous said...

I'm kinda feeling blah too. Not where I don't want to cook but where I feel like I just was to cook my thanksgiving meal! I can't wait =)
And I can't wait to see your food too!

Anonymous said...

Aww! I hope you can get into the cooking mood! And that's so sweet that Michael keeps cooking for you:]

Mandee said...

I get a case of the cooking-blahs every now and then, the thought of all the effort is just too much and I end up eating hummus on corn crisps or something like that!

Liz said...

Wait- Are you saying there's something wrong with having popcorn for dinner?!

Georgia said...

Oh I was on a bit of a blah after mofo.
I hope it picks up for your thanksgiving cooking. Can't wait to see your food in all its glory.

aTxVegn said...

I hate when my inspiration leaves me, and it does happen occasionally. Sometimes I have to just go stand in the kitchen and get busy to get it back. Have a great Thanksgiving. I'm sure your meal will be fantastic!

Gina said...

I feel you completely, I have been totally blah, mostly trying to finish up a bunch of leftovers and using up other stuff that needs to be used up.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!! I'm sure you are just subconsciously saving up all your ingenious cooking energy for Thursday!

tofufreak said...

ive sorta just been eating whatever junky food happens to float by my mouth.. haha.

thatll all change soon though! (i hope! :P)

even so, all the stuff you've gotten to eat has been far better than the junk i've gotten :D

michelle said...

Aww, I hope you get your cookin' mojo back for thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

It's so great to have a SuperMichael around when you have the cooking Blahs! He seriously rocks!
And I don't blame you for being all cooked out for a while after the MoFo madness. And why is it that I often love cooking for fun, but when I 'need' to cook something major I just can't be bothered?
Have a great Thanksgiving with your family, I can't wait to see the pictures (you are going to take lots of pictures, right??) I'm looking forwards to seeing what Thanksgiving is really like (I've only ever seen the Hollywood version!) >:o)
Happy Holidays buddy!

Sal said...

I know that feeling. Last night I had to cook for my friends and I just couldn't be bothered to anything more taxing than a pilaff!

I wish we celebrated thanksgiving over here, then I could have a day off work!

KAYLiE said...

Hey :D I love your blog ^_^
All of that food looks delicious. I've been kitchen blah lately too. Not really wanting to cook. I haven't had energy too, and almost everything I've made came out icky or not worth eating [which usually i make pretty good food] I hope your thanksgiving is fabulous <3

David Moss said...

Thanks for your kind words. I look forward to reading yours too. Already I can see the food here is a thousand steps up from my nightly stir fries.

Joanna said...

girl, i can totally relate with you. i've just been drinking a lot of juice for some reason because i don't feel like assembling actual meals.

thank god you have somebody feed you!!! my parents really don't say anything about whether i've eaten or not.

For the Love of Guava said...

concur. except for thanksgiving testers we've had a lot of spaghetti-esque dinners and brinners as of late.

happyherbivore.com said...

I definatly get a case of the blahs. If my life was videotaped, I think people would be shocked at how boring and plain we usually eat. I don't eat like the food on my blog everyday and every meal. Last week I had a PBJ for lunch 4x in a row because I didn't have the patience or desire to make soups like I usually do on sundays.

Sometimes we have tofu scramble or pbj for dinner because I'm not in the mood to cook or im not in the food for anything "complex" -- I can't count the times we've had frozen veggies and brown rice with a splash of soy sauce.

the Blahs come and go.

Anonymous said...

It took me a while to get organized, but I finally started freezing serving-sized portions of left-overs for when I got the 'i have no idea what to make and i don't care' type nights. It really helps.
You'll feel way better tomorrow sweets, don't fret.
Happy Holiday!

Jeni Treehugger said...

I just read your post over on PPK!
Sucks royally BIG time but don't beat yourself up about it.
I will send you some loving happy vibes and PLEASE enjoy the time you get to spend with the people you love and care about . That's what Thanksgiving is all about first and foremost.

jessy said...

well hell, i'm glad i'm not the only one feeling the kitchen blahs, too. damn, they really stink! all my food lately is just kinda so-so - and i feel all rushed and like nothing is working with me either. i hope we get outta this funk soon, Jessica - it's no damn fun! argh! the sketties, sammie, and garlic toast all look sooooo delicious though! hang in there - i'm sure you'll get your mojo back soon, girlie! and i hope i get mine back as well. makes me sadfaced, fo 'sho!

Jeni Treehugger said...

I saw this and thought of you