Thursday, February 5, 2009

super bowl noms and a week in food

Michael and I worked for hours on Sunday to make some really yummy Super Bowl foods, and it was well worth it!  First up, I wanted to make something reminiscent of the pizza bites from the New Years spread, but with actual pizza dough this time.  The original idea was to make pizza rolls a la Totino's (an old addiction of mine), but with the rising of the dough, they turned out more like pizza buns:
the best happy accident ever

Basically, these are like a nice soft bun...filled with pizza fabulousness.  I used a mixture of pizza sauce, FYH mozzarella, and a spicy pizza topping that I get from our corner market (full of peppers and olives and other good things).  The dough is the basic pizza dough from VWAV.  After it rose and rested, I just started pulling off little bits and flattening them, deposited a good amount of the filling, and then closed it all up.  By the time they went into the oven, they'd rose some more, so that's why they're so fluffy.  They remind me of the pizza rolls from elementary school.  Did you guys ever have those?  They were always served with great northern beans, and not a single person ever has eaten those beans, but no one brought their lunch on that day because everyone wanted the pizza roll.  These are better though, because even though they're a little greasy, they're way less greasy than those monstrosities.  The best part of that memory?  My mom taught (still teaches, actually) at my elementary school, so if the cooks had leftover pizza rolls, she could get one and bring it home to me (this was especially rad when I was in high school and no longer had pizza rolls to enjoy).  Anyway, you should all try this out.  They were a huge hit.

Everyone really enjoyed the wontons I made on New Years, so those were back up on the menu.  Michael took the lead in this one this time, as he has superior wonton making skills.  We used a newly acquired pasta roller-outer-thing that we sort of swiped from his mom to roll out the dough super thin, which was a huge advantage, as the homemade wonton wrapper dough is incredibly stiff.  (Look for homemade pasta in the future!)  This is the same filling, just Tofutti cream cheese mixed with scallions, fresh ginger, and salt.  While one omni at our party spit it out, the others all loved them.  Anyway, he's a jerk.  Because these rule.

I also made a huge pot of chili and the cornbread from Vcon for everyone to share, but didn't take pictures as most of you, I'm sure, know what chili looks like.  It was yummy though, and we ate it for lunch a few days this week.

Next up is dinners!
pineapple cashew quinoa stirfry

I read some old posts over at the PPK about how people just love this stirfry.  We've never made it because we rarely have pineapple and cashews in our house at the same time.  By a stroke of pure coincidence though, we picked up a fresh pineapple at the store this week, alone with cashews, so it must have been fate.  We added some water chestnuts, baby corn, and broccoli to round it all out.
so photogenic

Yeah, this takes a much better picture than a regular stirfry, for sure.  Anyway, I thought this was pretty good, but I didn't love it.  Michael did love it, however, so all's well that ends well.  I'm not exactly sure what I didn't love about it...  But sometimes that happens.
so flashy

I had to use flash in the next 2 pictures because the kitchen was being like, unreasonably dark this night.  Stupid kitchen and stupid tripod for still being missing.  Hmph.  Anyway, we had a reuben night!  This is the recipe from VWAV, and it is so freaking good.  We use the Foreman grill to cook the tempeh and the sammiches, so that no extra oil or margarine has to be used, plus it makes the sammiches all squishy-like, which is the best way for a hot sammich to be.  Am I wrong?  Didn't think so.  I found that I really like my reubens with some tomato slices positioned between the tempeh and the sauerkraut.  It adds a little sweetness that just makes everything better.  We ate these lovelies with some wonderful chickn veggie alphabet soup!
just like mom used to make...well, sort of

Unfortunately, you can't see the alphabet noodles in the soup, but that's ok.  The really exciting thing about this soup is that we made it with homemade veggie stock!  That's right, we've jumped on the homemade stock bandwagon, and I couldn't be happier.  For the past few weeks, we've been freezing the scraps from onions, carrots, celery, leeks, scallions, and parsley in a big tupperware container.  It finally got too full to close, so it was stock time!  Michael actually made this without me while I was at work one day.  When I got home, I added some bay leaves and peppercorns to the mix and we let it simmer for quite awhile.  The taste of homemade stock is really freaking good.  I think it might be the first time I've even had it, to be honest.  Well, Mom used to make chicken stock for her chicken soup, I think.  But, uh...I'm not doing that, obviously.  The point is that the homemadeness of it just makes the soup so much better.  I added in some soycurls for a treat, and they were perfect in the soup!  Those things really are awesome.

We had leftover reuben sauce, kraut, and rye bread, so Michael made me a California style reuben with Lightlife turkey slices the next day.  Yum!  Just as good as the tempeh, but way lighter.  No picture though.  I was too hungry to hold the camera.

Last night I made us a felafel feast:
my long lost friend

I really, really love felafel, but I rarely make it.  In fact, I've never made it from scratch before.  We always use the Fantastic brand mix, and it's actually really good.  I broil mine instead of frying, which makes them a tad dry, but that is easily remedied with a totally awesome hummus.  The hummus I made last night was probably the best hummus in the universe, ever.  I was killer.  It's full of garlic, roasted red peppers, basil, cayenne, and all the other things that you always put in hummus.  It's so spicy!  I only added a touch of cayenne, but the kind I get in bulk at the health food store really packs a punch.  A little dab will do ya, if you know what I mean.  Anyway, paired with lettuce, tomato, and avocado, this was a completely wonderful meal to enjoy while watching LOST.  

And if you're wondering why I'm blogging at 1:30 pm on a Thursday, it's because all of my water is frozen and I didn't go to work because I couldn't brush my teeth.  I'm not sure that's a valid excuse, but...  oh well.  Snow day!  Sort of!  It didn't snow any last night though!  But it IS damn cold.  Meh.

I have something fun for you all, but I'm going to post about it tomorrow, because I don't want to overload you with too much awesomeness today.  You might die.


Jes said...

Those pizza buns look killer! As do the wontons and the stir-fry and the soup and the reubens (I'm planning a ruben night soon, actually).

Virginia said...

the pizza rolls look yummy! i never had them in school here in SC but they remind me of a snack that my husband used to eat growing up, pepperoni rolls. you could get them in the bakery at wal-mart and it was just rolls stuffed with pepperoni, nothing else. i might have to make a vegan version of that for him now that i have the idea.

T said...

Those reubens look awesome! I never have sourkraut so I still haven't made them, but I must!

And the pizza rolls... yerrrm. Too late, already overloaded with awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

I want the pizza buns!!!
Ooo and that stir-fry too. I really enjoyed that recipe too but haven't made it in months! I think it's time to re-open the might V'con.

jessy said...

this is for sure a lot of awesomeness! fuck yeah! :D

okay - the reuben gloriousness & those pizza bun-rolls just about made me fall out of my chair. it's not but just 2 hours after i ate lunch and now i'm all hungry again! oooooh my goodness! mmmmmmmmmm! you & Michael rock so hard! you guys make a sweet team, fo 'sho!

nice job on cranking out all the yummies. hooray for more delicious, delicious wontons! homemade stock - that's what i'm talk'n about, and the quinoa stir-fry?!? yes, yes, yes! i see that bottle of sriracha goodness in the background! muahahhahahaaa!

no worries on your alphabets be'n all shy - looks great to me! your falafel feast = the best ever. i love how you always save the yummiest for last! falafel + LOST = happyface!

sorry your water is all frozen! it's cold here, although not cold enough to freeze our water! stay warm, Jessica - and i look forward to your post tomorrow, too!

Anonymous said...

those wontons look SO GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Pizza rolls? Me wants! I shall be making some of those bad boys very soon indeedy! NOM!
And making me wait another day for the fun thing?! Why do you keep doing this to me Jessica? >:o(
Keep warm dude xx

LeAnne said...

Pizza bun rolls?! Oh my Gods! I love the sound of those pizza filled beauties. I am also DYING for a Falafel now!

michelle said...

Those pizza puffs are like whoa-my-god.

¡Yo Soy Liz! said...

I wish those pizza rolls had been at the super bowl party I went to. Instead it was a major cheese and meat fest. Sighhhh

aTxVegn said...

The buns turned out so great! And that falafel wrap looks really good.

herbstsonne said...

WONTONS! :D *dies of happiness*

Susan said...

Doing the blog catch up - and some very yummy things you have posted for me to gawk over!

I loved pizza buns (or pizza pockets as we call them here) when I was younger. You are giving me some serious cravings! I think a pizza pocket fest is in order.

Woe that I don't live in the US and can't enter the shoe competition *sniffles*

I have made the pineapple cashew quinoa stirfry from Vcon, and while I enjoyed it I also was not a lover of it. I think it is just that I am not a huge fan of too much pineapple in savoury dishes. Yet I persist in trying every sweet and sour recipe I come across.

Great pictures!

Erin said...

Wow, everything looks soooo good! The pizza rolls are a genious idea, even if they did turn out a bit puffier than you planned.

I've also heard great things about the pineapple cashew quinoa stirfry, but I also never have fresh pineapple. I'll have to keep an eye out, cause it looks and sounds super good.

And reubens and falafels! Enough said.