Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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We eat good at our house.  Although the meals you are about to witness were mostly simple fare, damn, were they delicious.

Behind door number one, I give you...    Chinese night!
teryaki udon noodles w/veggies, spicy broccoli, sesame kale, baked tofu

This was all crazy awesome, but a tad salty for my taste (which is another way of saying that it was waaaaay too salty, because...  me like-a the salt).  Still, loads of veggies, noodles, and tofu that you get to eat with chopsticks?  I'm in!

Michael made this vegetable soup a few days ago that tasted exactly like Campbell's alphabet veggie soup.  Except way better.  It was eerie.
mmm mmm better

I'm not totally sure what he did, but I do know that the base is water, tomato paste, and 'beef' bouillon.  That way, it's not too tomato-y, but just tomato-y enough.  Veggies included carrots, red bell peppers, corn, peas, potatoes, spinach, onions, and napa cabbage.  Even better the next day, by the way.  Tres bien, mon amor!  Hey, is that French?  Did I just speak French?  Since I don't speak French, I have no idea.  (Shelly?)

Next up is a wrap that was Michael's idea, but my own doing.  Jamaican jerk tofu wrap!
many 'jerk' jokes thus ensued

I found a Jamaican spice rub recipe somewhere (thought I saved it, but alas...) that I used to marinate tofu strips in (along with some water to make it more...liquid), then baked those.  All nestled snugly against carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes...heavenly.  And spicy!  Wowza.  

By the way, I have declared this week that cabbage is the new lettuce.  Namely, napa cabbage.  It's always crunchy, it's light and lovely, and you can cook it, so it's versatile.  Lettuce, move over!  Cabbage is movin' to town.

Oh, we ate those wraps with some of my signature MexiRice (tm).
love in a bowl

Except I made way too much, so I'm still up to my ears in MexiRice (tm).  By the way, MexiRice (tm) just consists of brown rice, canned tomatoes, garlic powder, cumin, and cayenne.  Oh, and water and a bouillon.  The key, my friends, is the ratio.  But since I never measure, I couldn't really tell you what that ratio is.  Experiment!  Try it out!  It's so fricking good.

We made this lovely piece of radness for lunch on Saturday:
chickpea salad of the ...gods?

We were starving.  We found half a baguette in the fridge.  And a can of chickpeas.  The result is almost too predictable.  Goodness was it good though!  Nom.  No recipe used, just tossing things in.  Things tossed in may include the following:
garlic dill relish
garlic powder
green onions

And finally!  Another test recipe from the Cookin' with my Craw-Daddy zine!  This one was to die for.  I almost died.  It was that good.
roasted jalepeno cornbread pancakes w/fresh salsa

My friends, I would not lie to you.  These were light, fluffy, flavorful, and omni approved.  They even had cilantro in them (in both the pancakes and the salsa), and Michael and I both were left wanting more.  Seriously.  Once this zine comes out, you should get it if only for this recipe.  Amazing.  A perfect way to celebrate national pancake day and Mardi Gras combined.

I do not kid.

Anywho, I have dishes to do and it's LOST night (and Top Chef!) and dinner needs made before we dissolve our brains in front of the television.  Have a lovely rest of your week, everone!


Anonymous said...

Excuse me did you say cornbread pancakes?!?! *swoons* I would eat those everyday.

The jerk tofu wrap sounds so flavorful and I love the asian night!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Your jerk tofu wrap looks incredible!

Katy said...

Mmm, all of that looks sooo good, but I want that jerk wrap!

Gina said...

Cornbread pancakes???? Oh man, that sounds so awesome.

Michael's soup looks so fantastic too. Actually, it all looks good!!

Hannah said...

Those udon noodles and veggies are calling my name- Looks like one seriously good plate there!

Anonymous said...

You've got so much deliciousness here! I want to try it all! That jerk wrap looks so amazing, ok, it all does!

miss v said...

i've been singing cabbage praises for years! i agree, it's totally the new lettuce.

i'm going to have to go rummage up a jamaican spice rub, because those wraps looks freaking awesome.

saveyrgeneration said...

aww, you simply have to get a new SLR. your fewdz is too pretty!

Jeni Treehugger said...

I heart Cabbage - it is one of my favourite veggies and simple fare is the best in my books.

jessy said...

i want to have a chinese yummies night! those teryaki udon noodles look most fantastical! mmmmmmmmm! sweet jeebus on all that glorious mexirice, too! huzzah! love the jerk wrap, and the soup sounds amazing! i used to looooove the alphabet veggie soup! ooooooh, yummers! the roasted jalepeno cornbread pancakes = the best! totally going to get the zine when it's out. you've been teasing us with all the rock'n testers - i can't wait! yay! and i think my life has been missing some chickpea salad awesomeness. i've been inspired to make some soon! thanks, Jessica!

hope you both have a super lovely rest of the week, too! and if i don't "see" ya before friday - have a glorious weekend, too!

Virginia said...

i don't know where to start...everything looks so great! the cornbread pancakes are a great idea...i have been meaning to make a meal of cornbread waffles with chili spooned all over the top and this reminds me of that! yummmmmm

michelle said...

I'm all about that jamaican jerk tofu wrap. Yeah!

Happy Weekend!!

Ashley said...

Hi, I'm Ashley and I'm falling in bloglove here.

Your thrown-together recipes are pretty fantastic! I can't wait to try my own renditions, especially the jalapeno cornbread pancakes!

aTxVegn said...

Every single thing looks amazing! Spicy broccoli, homemade tomato-y veggie soup, a big fat wrap, mexirice and all that cabbage! Oh, and the chickpea salad - I think that grabbed me the most! Chickpea salad on cabbage - hey!

pixiepine said...

The roasted jalepeno cornbread pancakes w/fresh salsa look amazing! Gonna go check that link! :)

Sal said...

ooh i knew it was a mistake to read this post when I am so hungry and still have about 2 hours before I even get home!!

Jerk tofu wrap! yes please, mexirice - yes please!!! chickpea salad, yum.

Sharon said...

I'm drooling over the wrap.