Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what to do with all those veggies?

First off, I would like to say that I am so excited, because I've fallen in love with a new apartment.  It is consuming all of my waking (and sleeping) thoughts.  Michael and I are going to look at it today, as he hasn't seen it yet...and everyone should cross their fingers for us that we decide to get it and are able to move into it in 2 weeks time.  Because it would be so awesome.  Even though the kitchen is rather small.  I don't know where on earth I would put things like this rad farmers market haul:
beets, tomatoes, potatoes, summer squash, purple peppers, spring onions, and cabbage

more tomatoes, including adorably colored little ones, new potatoes, more purple peppers, green peppers, white cucumbers, and a ginormous zucchini

There is barely enough space in our kitchen for it all.  That's our haul from Saturday...we spent $30.  Which isn't too bad, considering how many tomatoes and peppers we got.  I already started freezing some peppers (this new place, should we choose to get it [hope!], is only 2 blocks from our current apartment, so transporting food and frozen stuff won't be a problem, thankfully) so that we'll have plenty when it's after their season and they get all crazy expensive in the grocery store again.  

Anyway, you might wonder what we do with all these veggies during the weeks, that we have to buy so many every Saturday.  Well, like I said, we freeze some (cabbage, besides the peppers).  And we eat a lot of them (um, tomatoes) on sandwiches.  But sometimes it's nice to do something a bit fancier.
scalloped pofabutatoes

Michael loves potatoes.  And I love noochy cheeze sauces.  Other scalloped potato recipes we've tried have really fallen short of both our expectations, but I found this one at Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.  Anything that Susan stamps with her little girl's approval...yeah, we'll love it.  And this was certainly a hit.  We totally finished that whole pan in one night. 
soup?  in the summer?

Hey, guess what?  Soup is easy.  We ate this summer squash soup, also from, along with the potatoes.  I made mine a little differently...leaving out the celery (didn't have any), adding some zucchini and more broth.  Then I stupidly added a bunch of cayenne to it (I honestly don't know what possessed me) and some garlic powder (which got a little pervasive).  Still, the soup was awesome.  It was so creamy...velvety, almost.  I never thought that summer squash would make a good soup, but there you go.  It does.
cheezy potatoes of awesomeness

You can seriously count on Susan to make a ridiculously fabulous, failproof recipe.  I don't think I've ever tried anything of hers that I didn't like.  The woman should write a cookbook.

But honestly, all I've really wanted to eat since July started is stuff like this:
raw, honest veggies

Michael and I both work a lot of evenings now, which means that one or both of us don't get home until after 9, which in turn means that we are tired.  One night I got off work at 11:30 to fine this lovely raw and fresh plate of awesomeness.  On top are zucchini shreds, something I've fallen in love with recently.  Super thinly sliced (you'll need a mandoline) raw zucchini and summer squash make a lovely little salad with a little olive oil, vinegar, and thinly sliced basil.  Don't get me wrong, those tomatoes were rad, too, but I am a tad bit obsessed with that salad for now.  

You can even see it here, blurred in the foreground:
another very late night dinner

You'll have to pardon the crappiness of this was seriously like 2 in the morning when I took that photo.  But yeah, you see?  If I'd been taking photos of everything we eat recently, you'd be seeing it a lot more (but we've been doing reruns, like ruebens and such).  Anyway, this scramble was super tasty.  It had been awhile since we had one...but the real star of this meal was those potatoes.  Yeah, they're roasted, but we microwaved them first so they only took like 10 minutes to roast in the oven.  Smart, eh?  Anyway, they only have some seasoned salt, pepper, and paprika on them, but they are so, so good.  

Next up is yet another Michael dinner (he's been terribly helpful lately with me working evening shifts).
cabbage rolls!

Apparently, these were a pain in the ass to make because they have a lot of preparation, but all I had to do was enjoy them, so...  Anyway, they're stuffed with some sort of tempeh/tahini mixture and they were a totally rad use of a giant head of cabbage we had from another market haul.  So yummy!
fake meat - the ultimate in laziness

I ventured to the grocery store last week to pick up fruit and some veggies we can't get at the market, and got some sweet stuff on sale.  Like those fancypants carrots and fresh brussels sprouts, and uh...  some fake chicken breasts.  They have Gardein stuff in our Kroger now, which is highly exciting, but then also bittersweet, because it's madly expensive.  There was a dollar off coupon on this package I got (2 chicken patties in a Tuscan sauce) and I was mega tired, so I splurged the $4 on them.  And they're really good!  The texture is a little too meaty for us (checked and then rechecked the package after cutting into them...but they're vegan for sure), but the flavor was nice and the sauce they came in was seriously delicious.  It reminded me a little of a Lean Cuisine sauce...which for most of you probably sounds totally gross, but I lived off those things for about a year before I met Michael, so it was sort of a fond memory.  I mean...sort of.  Anyway, I also made the mustard sauce from Veganomicon (my favorite sauce, ever) to go with the steamed carrots and veggies.  All of it mixed together was pretty damned phenomenal.
openfaced sammies are sammiches too.

I'm going to finish up with a couple of lunches.  I've been trying to do hearty, but not weigh-me-down lunches recently, as Michael's been working doubles and then I go in to work in the evenings and need to be filled up without feeling like taking a nap afterwards.  I made this openfaced sammich twice this past week.  We had some leftover rye bread from ruebens.  Topped with some red pepper and green olive hummus that I'd made, fresh red tomatoes, and fresh basil, it hits the spot, fills me up, but leaves me ready to go for the rest of the day.  
more lunch options

I made this curried chickpea salad a couple weeks ago, and it was awesome.  I never ate it on bread, just like this, in big clumps, and I was happy as a clam about it.  I honestly don't remember what all is in there...chickpeas, onions, celery, carrots, vegenaise, leftover fake cheese that we'd made, lemon juice...and lots and lots and lots of curry powder.  And some cayenne, for a kick.  Paired with some fresh veggies, like this white cucumber (green on the inside!), it's terribly tasty.  Nom.

So don't forget to eat lunch.  And be creative with your veggies.  And...wish us luck on the apartment again!


Kristy said...

Those little purple tomatoes were so so so good.

Also, GOOD LUCK on the apartment. I'm sure you'll get it and live happily ever after. <3

Anonymous said...

I need to go start preparing dinner, but told myself one more blog post (trying to get caught up) and now I'm just drooling all over the place and wishing I had cabbage rolls and all your deliciousness! Damn!
I'll cross fingers and toes for the apartment. It's so wonderful when you love where you live.

Anonymous said...

incase i've never introduced myself to you, i'm JB! your blog is amazing. your food is honestly some of the best looking i've ever seen. cabbage rolls sound incredible, and so does EVERYTHING else in this post. literally EVERYTHING. and aren't farmer's markets the best?! that's some high quality produce porn right there! have a fabulous wednesday, girl!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

What an amazing haul. I'm sending you 'get the apartment' vibes!

veggievixen said...

having an obsession is so time-consuming! also, i always get waaay overambitious with the produce section of the grocery store. slash especially now that there is so much at the farmer's markets i can't resist! then i just have millions of items of produce and not enough meals in the day to eat them! thanks for these ideas. yum!

T said...

Way too much deliciousness! Especially those open-faced sandwiches, yum.

Good luck on the apartment! There's nothing better than being in love with where you live!

Erin said...

So much in one post! First, good luck with the apartment!

All the food looks so good. I especially like the looks of the cabbage rolls and the curried chickpea salad. Yum! And Gardein available in grocery stores! Awesome.

Cyn said...

My fridge and kitchen are overflowing with veggies right now, so I feel your pain.

Everything looks so delicious, especially the noochy potatoes and the chickpeas. Yum!

Jes said...

Fingers crossed for your apartment!! I'm totally drooling over that tomato-tastic open faced sammie!

miss v said...

super awesome luck on the apartment. i love when new places start to feel like home. such fun!

those cabbage rolls put me in mind of some i made a while back, and now i'm craving them again. and i love the curried chickpea salad!

Anonymous said...

I tend to go overboard at the Farmer's Market too! Everything is so cheap that I just want to buy lots and lots of it! haha

Fingers crossed for the apartment!

aTxVegn said...

That's a terrific veggie haul and you made such fabulous meals with it. Those tomato and potato dishes look extra yummy!

I hope you get the apartment! said...

All that produce for $30, that really is awesome. Everything looks so delicious I don't even know where to start!

jessy said...

oooh, i’m excitedfaced about your potential new apartment too, Jessica! that would be so awesome, and i will be keeping my fingers crossed! those purple peppers are so pretty, and spring onions are my fav! those tomatoes are super cute – i love the colors! wowzers on the gigantical zucchini! all that for just $30.00 = the best! i always forget to freeze peppers – thanks for the reminder! dan is also a potato lover – and susan v.’s cheezy sauce recipe is our absolute favorite. we add in some ground cashews and just a squirt of braggs to make it even more awesome! i eat that shiz with a spoon straight out of the pot! mmmmmmmm! soup is easy, and we haven’t had any since like march or somethin’. totally gonna have to make some – and with summer squash, too. nice! raw veggies are glorious! i love cucumber slices and watermelon cubes. oh man, you guys are get’n home late indeed, but your eatz are look’n good to me! cabbage rolls of yumminess – Michael is too good! nothing wrong with some tasty fake meat eatz, and your curried chickpea salad – totally gonna have to make something like it! mmmmmmmmmm! good luck on the apartment – and keep us posted!

Sal said...

ooh fingers crossed for you on the new apartment!!

those potatoes look so good, i'll have to try them.

that Vcon mustard sauce is one of my faves too, it's awesome.

MorganfromWV said...

You page looks too yummy! Ok, I have to go eat now!!!

K.E.N. said...

cabbage rolls are awesome! i never made them myself b/c they look annoying to make, but my Simply in Season cookbook has a recipe for Confetti Rice, which is pretty much a cabbage roll deconstructed. if you want the recipe, let me know (i, myself, couldn't find it online)!