Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my first vegan potluck!

And only 4 out of the whole group were actual vegans!  Cool friends I have, eh?  It wasn't even my idea.  Here's documentation of everyone's adventures in vegan cooking.  Don't mind my yellowed photos.  I tried to color correct, but they were unbelievably yellow, even after I adjusted my white balance.  No clue why.
bean salad by susie

Susie couldn't even stay to eat anything, and she still brought something!  Lovely bean salad with lots of crunchy red onions and mango, if I recall correctly.
black bean potstickers with pineapple salsa

Made by the fabulous Ruth and Ben.  Ruth has experience in vegetarian cooking, and it shows.  She totally rocks out some awesome food now and then.  These were no exception!  Spicy and salty and with just the right amount of sweet.  I could have scarfed these all night.
mini sausages and sundried tomato-basil pesto sauce

Michael and I made this stuff.  As usual, I adapted Vegan Dad's sausage recipe (this time only adding 1 tsp of fennel seeds, and adding a tsp of dried basil).  Did you know you can get 32 mini sausages out of that?  Now you do.  The pesto sauce was rehydrated sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and salt.  They paired nicely, I thought.  Everyone seemed to like 'em.  You can't go wrong with sausages.
felafel by shannon

Who doesn't like felafel?  I love it, that's for sure.
couscous, also by shannon

Nice and salty, with a kick of curry.  I cannot get enough couscous in my life, which is good, because there were two kinds!
couscous by allison, bruschetta by lauren

Allison's couscous had a more Mexican edge, and was equally wonderful.  Lauren's bruschetta was bangin', fresh, and tasty!
sweet/regular mashed potatoes, red beans n rice

By Kristy!  Those potatoes were so good.  And the beans and rice.  I was so spoiled, you guys!
roasted asparagus, red beans and rice again

I think Kristy might have made this asparagus as well.  It was tender and delicious.
banana bread!

Also by Kristy.  This was seriously the best banana bread I have ever eaten in my life.  I'm sad because I only had room in my tummy for a little bite of it, and forgot to steal a piece to eat later.  Another vegan couple (they exist here!) came later and brought a super creamy and fabulous mac n cheeze, but I didn't get a picture of it.  Take my word that it was beautiful and yummy though.

Aren't my friends the best?  There was very little complaining about the lack of meat ;)

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous Potluck! I need to have my own, it sounds like so much fun =)

miss v said...

i totally want a vegan pot luck group! everything looks so rad... and seitan sausages will impress even the most die hard omni!

veggievixen said...

black bean potstickers--rock on.

that is great that you involved all your non-vegan friends. i love when stuff like that happens.

Jes said...

What a beautiful spread! Your friends rock!

Hannah said...

What fun, and what a delicious spread! I should seriously have some potlucks of my own over here.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

What awesome, incredible friends. And food!

pixiepine said...

That looks like so much fun! said...

That all looks great, can't wait to have my own vegan potluck soon.

jessy said...

doublesuperhappyface for your 1st vegan potluck, Jessica! hot damn, that's so awesome! i love the mini sausages you guys made - and the sundried tomato-basil pesto sauce sounds most excellent! the perfect combination if ya ask me! hooray for the best banana bread ever, 2 kinds of couscous that both rocked socks off, creamy mac 'n cheeze, bruchetta, beans 'n rice, falafel, bb potstickies, and bean salad! sweet jeebus, you do have the bestest friends, fo 'sho! man, that is so glorious on a million different levels! i would have stuffed myself silly and hidden all the leftovers so i could have them all! although i imagine with goodies that divine there wouldn't be any leftovers! yay!

aTxVegn said...

I would call this a very successful potluck! I think your little sausages and pesto sound the best. You should get that banana bread recipe and share!

VeganCowGirl said...

wow! So much great food. Love that your friends took on the adventure - looks like they did a great job! Num Num - esp. the sausages.

Susan said...

You have awesome friends indeed! Mine are happy to eat vegan, not so much in offering to make it for me. ;) Though Jen is making me her pumpkin soup tomorrow night so it's not all bad!

It looks like a fabulous spread.

Sal said...

ooh you are sooo lucky. I don't have any vegan friends. But more than that I don't have any friends that cook really either! I always cook.

All that food looks fab. Love the mini sausages idea, i'm going to have to try that!

Jeni Treehugger said...

ALL that food looks amazing - what cool friends you have indeed, I've never been to a pot luck.

Anonymous said...

You do have some rad-ass friends! I would love to try to organize that with my friends!

the twins said...

everything looks so good! i'll have to try some of these ideas =)

Kristy said...

This is the recipe I used for the banana bread:

However, after some discussion with Jessica about sugar (I had no idea that regular white sugar and I guess even brown sugar isn't vegan!), I just used the Florida Crystals (?) that Jessica suggested and didn't mix white/brown like the recipe says. I used regular soymilk instead of vanilla, because that's what was in the fridge and I also didn't use allspice because I didn't have any. :)