Wednesday, April 22, 2009

you call that a bar-be-cue?

i do.

Indeed.  After we grilled out on Friday (our first really nice day here...followed by almost a straight week of rain/cold/wind/lame), I mentioned to Michael that, though we BBQ'd, nothing we actually ate was...BBQ flavor.  He informed me that BBQ is also a verb, so we're good.

Anyway, our friend Jared, who is a culinary student here in town and is straight up awesome about eating food we make and making food we can eat, asked Michael and I over to grill out in honor of the beautiful spring day.  How could we refuse?  At first, he was going to grill some meat for himself, but once we got to the grocery store, he decided that he just wanted to make a bunch of stuff we all could eat, and I couldn't have been happier!  

Here's a crappy flash shot of some stuff on the grill.
yeah, we grilled bread.  wanna make something of it?

Man, that grilled bread was good.  It was a rosemary focaccia to begin with, then we brushed it with olive oil and a balsamic reduction.  It made a perfect vehicle for this amazing stuff:
avocado relishhhhh

This was Jared's doing.  He makes this avocado relish that's crazy delicious (avocado, red onion, habenero and jalepeno peppers, roma tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice...).  Well, the avocado we got at the store was beyond hard.  They all were.  I had the brilliant idea to throw them (peeled) on the grill for a few, to see if they softened up.  I mean, it's not like we had anything to lose.  But everything to gain!  Because grilled avocado is freaking fabulous!  It got all black on the outside because I wasn't paying attention, but that just added some great smokey flavor.  

We also grilled up loads of veggies, some marinated tofu, and some veggie italian sausages.
feast your eyes on that

It all came together beautifully to become this:
best. bbq. ever.

So all in all we had: skewers of green and yellow bell peppers, yellow squash, zuchinni, and marinated tofu; sliced portobellas, veggie sausages, corn (on the cob), grilled bread, and that knock your socks off relish.  Jared said he didn't miss there being meat at all, that the tofu was awesome, and that even his culinary professor wouldn't be able to tell the sausages weren't real meat (which is awesome, but also kind of gross, if you think about it).  We were all stuffed to the max, but there was just enough room for this little fella:
amuse bouche!

In classic Top Chef style, Jared created the perfect bite.  I was so jealous.

Oh, I got a request to show a pic of my new haircut...  I don't really have any of the full on haircut because I've taken them all myself, but here's one, sort of (it used to be down to my chin, with no bangs):


miss v said...

*love* the new cut. super cute, super sexy. awesome. vegan. rad!

i can't wait for a little better grilling weather here. and avocados on the grill - super genius!

AutumnTao said...

Hot picture Lady.

pixiepine said...

Awesome BBQ, supercute hair!!

Mandee said...

Firstly, grilled bread = awesome! Esp. with olive oil, yum.

And nice haircut! I love the side fringe, I have one too <3

jessy said...

oh my gosh, Jessica - i LOVE your haircut! it's so rad! it really is - and it's cute as hell, too! wahoooooooo!

hells yeah for a super nice day and a super deeeelicious bbq! i never thought to grill bread - this is something i've gotta try! and that IS freak'n brilliant on taking the unripened avocado 'n grilling it up just a tad to soften it up a bit - the avocado relish looks rock'n! mmmmmmmm, avocado...mmmmmmmm! the skewers look 'n sound like the perfect combination of yumminess - especially with all that marinated tofu and those portobellas! i can't wait to find corn on the cob again - i bet it's coming around soon. damn, i miss it oh-so much! i'd also like to add that i think it rocks that Jared didn't get any meatsies to make & that he enjoyed all the vegan gloriousness that was created! hellz yeah! and again - i really freak'n love your new hair! superw00t!

Anonymous said...

Your new haircut is hot! Love it!!!

Ooo, I need some BBQ food. Summer is almost here!

Virginia said...

i wish i could pull off a haircut like that! i have this frizzy thick mess on my head!

where i come from it isn't a barbecue unless you are eating stuff that is barbecued...we would just call that a cook-out! but what a mighty delicious cook-out it seems!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at you all sexy and vegan and stuff! Right on!
Ooohhh how I wish we had a place to bbq (the verb, of course!). Why is it cooking outside is so fun and so tasty?!?

Aaaannnnddd THANK YOU!!! I just got an email from Mammafish and she was just going on and on about how good that coffee smells! You rock AND roll, Jessica!

A_and_N said...

Wow looks like you had a swell time grilling and bbq-ing :) I arrived here via bloghopping. Lovely blog :)

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Love the new haircut...and awesome bbq!

Anonymous said...

Kebabs! Kabobs! However you say it or spell it, they are mighty tasty! Your entire spread looks so incredible!!!!!!! Can I perhaps borrow your patio/porch?

And I said it on Flickr, that photo of you is just beautiful!!!! It should be on the cover of VegNews.

veggievixen said...

avocado relish...mmm

amazing bbq!

Chelsea said...

Whoa! I'm going to a potluck BBQ thing on Saturday, and I will be stoked if it's half as awesome as this! Grilled avocado... you are a genius!

celine said...

dude, I so love that you grilled bread like that. seriously.

Mihl said...

I wish I had such a grill! And all those fantastic foods to place on it. We need more bbqing (see, I used the verb!) here in Germany.

michelle said...

I have grill envy! Everything looks amazing and you are pretty rockin' in your new 'do!

Mamafish said...

Are there even words to properly thank you for chocolate AND the sinful delight decaf?? I keep the bag of coffee near my computer just so I can soak in the aroma. How wonderful and sweet you are! Lots of love from, Mamafish

aTxVegn said...

Oooh, great haircut! Cute, cute, cute! And yes, that is definitely a mighty fine barbecue. I've broiled avocados before, but never grilled them - great idea.

K.E.N. said...

..said in the least-creepy way ever :o)

Katy said...

Ok, I love your new haircut and I think it's adorable, but man, that bbq really stole the show! lol, it all just looks soooo delicious!!!

Sal said...

lovin the new haircut - you look gorgeous!!

great idea to grill the avos - I must try that when the weather is good enough for bbqs here!

Hannah said...

What a fun dinner, everything sounds delicious!

And I couldn't have imagined how cute you are! ;)

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Mmm, grilling! I'll be right over!

Erin said...

Cute haircut and great lookin foods! Grilled avocado? Who knew?

Anonymous said...

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