Friday, March 13, 2009

google searches and answered questions

Well. I finally got a couple of interesting Google searches that led people to my blog. I've probably had more, but I forget to check all the time. Most times it's just food stuff or people googling my blog name or something like 'awesome vegan chili'. Anytime anyone wants to google anything that is awesome and vegan, I'm like the number one link. Yay! Anyway, here's two that I feel are worth mentioning...

1. Little Chinese Friend
2. Bananas Lips Hurt

hrm. Ok then. Moving on...

My lovely friend from Tahinitoo (click for her interview!) offered to interview anyone who wanted it, and I'm terribly self-absorbed and like answering questions (sometimes...well, I do today anyway), so I volunteered. You know. In case you need to know something about me. This is where you learn it.

1. What is a food you disliked before going vegan, but now enjoy?
So many things. I used to hate avocados. I'm learning to love mushrooms, which I never thought would happen. Sauerkraut is a big one. I just got way more adventurous with my palate in general once I became vegan. It was like...none of the things that I'm eating now are truly gross to me because they are all plant-based. Or maybe I just got more open-minded. Who knows. Also, they say your taste buds change every seven years. So maybe it's all actually just a coincidence.

2. If you could convince one person to go vegan, who would it be, and why?
Just one person? Hm. I kind of wish one of the people I worked with (any of them, it doesn't matter) was vegan so that my bosses would lay off on picking on me so much. Or at least I'd have someone with whom to commiserate. Really though, I wish everyone was vegan. It just makes so much more sense...if you're willing to see it.

3. What is the kitchen appliance you can't live without?
Food processor all the way. I tried making hummus without it once and almost died from the inconvenience.

4. What is your favorite veg restaurant you have eaten at (or your fave restaurant in general)?
The only fully vegan restaurant I've eaten at was Blossom in NYC (the nice one in Chelsea, not the cafe). And it was spectacular. Granted, I have nothing to compare it to, really, but it was one of my first seitan experiences (Wild Ginger being my very first just a day or so earlier). I had no idea that vegan food could be so darned fancypants and wonderful. Well, I knew it could be wonderful, but that experience really inspired me to start branching out with my vegan cooking (less one-pot-indian meals) and see what I could do.

5. Do you face any dilemmas/struggles as a vegan?
Only that I live in a place that is not at all accommodating to veganism. It is impossible to go out and have a nice dinner, so I never really feel like I get a night off from cooking (and still get a decent meal). Also, the only other real life vegan I know is Michael and it's difficult to relate to the people here sometimes because they are incredibly close minded and would rather poke fun (defensively) at veganism than give it a fair chance. Honestly though, I've never been happier or more satisfied with my life since becoming vegan, so any struggle I have to deal with through ignorance and/or inconvenience is worth it to me.

There you go. Info about me. Excitement!

Anyone else wanna play? Leave me a comment that says you want to be interviewed and I'll leave you a comment with some questions. It could be fun, you never know. It could also kill 20 minutes on a Friday afternoon when you're at work and would much rather be napping.


Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

I know what you mean about not being able to eat out. I wish we could start something like vegan chain mail dinner thing and get to eat someone else's cooking.

Cool interview.

Katy said...

Great interview questions!

Alison said...

Blossom in Chelsea is my favorite, too. Eveything there is so wonderful! I like the cafe, too.

veggievixen said...

we could talk about vegetables sometime together! hehe

ooh must try out blossom...thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Great interview! Tahinitoo (Amy) came up with the best questions, and I really enjoyed your answers!
I'm so glad you're joining us on the darkside of the force and getting your mushroom funk on!

Hannah said...

Ha, aren't random search terms the best?

And while I still haven't been to Blossom, it's definitely near the top of my list!

miss v said...

go kraut!

Anna said...

My food processor changed my life! Really, i don't know how people go vegan without one.

I've never been a big sauerkraut fan, but maybe that's because I was always served knockwurst with it as a kid...I'll have to try it without the big tube of meat on the side.

Anonymous said...

I love my food processor too!

T said...

Aww so cute! And I totally agree about expanding your taste range when you go vegan... I think it has something to do with removing all those tongue-coating fats from your diet, so you can taste the bright and clear taste of veggies more easily... Just a theory though.

jessy said...

the google searches are the best! totally going to have to tell those to dan! ahhahaha! i love it!

what a super fun interview! and i totally agree that veganism just makes sense. i always loved that saying "go vegan, save everything". it's one of my favs! i wish everyone were vegan as well! hells yeah!

that stinks that there's not too many vegan options for yummies around you guys. we're lucky and have 3 places that are mostly vegan and veggie. it's nice - they're all a little drive away, but nothing too far out. we don't go out very often though - 'cause i'm too cheap 'n dan doesn't like eating at a restaurant. but i hear ya on feeling like you never get a break from cooking. for me, sometimes it would be nice to have a break, sit back, and let someone else make ya some damn fine vegan yummies. i wish that we could all have rock'n places like those in portland and NYC that were all just within walking distance. aaaah, a girl can dream!

i think that for me, it'd be a close tie between my chef's knife and my food processor. oh man, i can't imagine not having either of those. :) and i can't imagine trying to make hummus without a food processor. that = supersadfaced!

i'm the only vegan at work as well - don't ya just "love" the constant questions/teasing/harassing. grrrrrrr!

how awesome that you're one happy 'n satisfied vegan, Jessica! hoooooooooooooray! that is most happyfaced, indeed! superw00t!

K.E.N. said...

i'll take you up on the interview!
i'll probably use your questions for my blog. i get lazy with blog entries and like putting up something when i don't have any new pictures, etc.

Celine said...

I love it! I was here yesterday but somehow didn't comment? I'm losing it, it's official.
I'm with you on having it tough finding vegan foods in town. all the more reason to not spend too much money, and know exactly what goes into our food?
ps: hope your guts feel better soon. them evil beans, I swear.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Loved the interview questions and learning more about you!!

I couldn't live without my food processor as well...

Eric said...

Feel free to send me an interview!

Anonymous said...

yay! I love the tshirt bags!

nora said...

I've made hummus, pesto, and nut butter in my Magic Bullet. They were all exceedingly painful experiences. GOD BLESS FOOD PROCESSORS.